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  1. I would like to try something new i dont know how this well work out but here it goes.

    The plot:

    Lessah works at a record store in a big city. One day she meets a guy who seems normal and sweet. Hes cute and funny very charming. So they go out on a couple of dates and like magic they are so into each other. One night while Lessah was enjoying some good old quality time with her new boyfriend he says he has to leave to go meet up with his cousins to fix somethings at his dads bistro.

    He says he doesnt want her to leave and wants her to wait up for him at his house till he comes back. Lessah waits around while he goes to his dads bistro. A while later he comes back raging with a hot temper holding a gun. Lessah gets scared and starts asking questions seeing if hes ok. This does nothing but makes him more mad and he sends Lessah up stairs to his room.

    As Lessah went to his room afraid he might killer her she could hear three cars pulling up into the driveway. She could hear the door open downstairs and three diffrent voices start all talking at once. Lessah hears her boyfriend talking about him having to shoot a guy named Lewie for trying to steal 3 pounds. Lessah couldnt make out what he ment by 3 pounds but it continued to pop up in the conversation. That night Lessah cried herself to sleep on her boyfriends bed of fear for her life.

    The next morning Lessah wakes up to see her boyfriend sleep beside her. She gets up slowly not to wake him so she can leave and maybe never to come back.

    - So this is where we start. You can let her leave and come get her later or stop her at the door but either way it goes you have to tell her that your in the mob before we actually start

    - i would like to have three female characters i'l be playing and you to have three male characters. one of my female characters will be a sister to the main male character.

    - this will have a lot of mature content going on so if your cool with that im cool with it. you can make your own character layout
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.