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  1. Alright, once more, I am looking for some roleplays.

    I basically am looking for some sort of historical fantasy. I am open to other ideas, totally! It's just that that is my warm-cozy safe-zone. I am open to outside ideas, considering I have characters that are such things as aliens from space and modern day hit-men.
    I don't really have plots, but I'm open-minded. Got an idea? Toss it my way. The only thing I don't really care for is romance-heavy plots. Buuttttt I can be swayed, and am open to ideas. cx.
    Last but not least; I dooo nooot like the PM system through Iwaku. I would highly prefer the use of Skype. If you don't have skype, I can be wavered to continue using Iwaku. It's just easier to contact me through Skype. That and I like to get to know my fellow RPer to some degree.

    I ain't huge on post length. It can be short, long, or whatever- just no novels. I do match to posts, though. Or I do my best to try. Semi-developed characters are cool too. On-the-spot ones are chill as fuck as well. Whatever works.

    PM or message me on here if anyone is interested QWQ!! I'M FRIENDLY I DON'T BITE.
  2. You don't bite, hm? I only bite if I'm mad! XD

    Anywhozits, I'd be glad to roleplay with you, and even on Skype. I can at least chill with the shorter posts because I do tend to shorten mine, too, especially when my brain decides to run away, floating all the way out to Gallifrey.
  3. Alright that sounds good B3. Did you want to PM me and we'll go from there? See if we can get a little bit of something going before we skype ?
  4. :o
    I just made a thread but i'm interested in rping with you, maybe? I just wonder if I should look elsewhere if you already have a partner ;v
  5. ;w; I'm always interested in making new partners. If you still have an opening, I do too~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.