Looking for all kinds of partners!

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  1. Hello there! I'm looking for roleplay partners of all kinds, for all kinds of roleplays! I'm an avid fan of fantasy in particular, I'd say, but as written in my resume, I'm open to nearly every style. I'm not looking for a gender in particular, nor am I looking for a genre in particular, but I do like chat-based roleplays the most. I've had years of experience in a few roleplay communities, and I've been the Dungeon Master of my own DnD group for now a bit over a year. While I don't enjoy posting Walls of Texts, I can usually manage to get 3-5 lines per posts, and can produce more if required.

    The two things I'll have to specify, I believe, is that I am NOT into Yaoi, and that I'd rather RP with another adult.

    Suggestions of styles I enjoy (and ideas of things that could be done within that style)

    In fact, I'm even a dungeon master for a group I'm in, so if you're interested, we could spice up a roleplay by having character sheets from a system like DnD 3.5 or Pathfinder!
    (Two childhood friends set out for adventuring, two strangers must unite against all odds...)

    I'll be honest, I've never really had SciFi roleplays, but it'd be interesting to try.

    (Slice of life, Highschool, Criminals on the run...)

    -After The End.
    (Zombie apocalypse, Nuclear winter, World Wars...)

    (Nasuverse [Fate/Series, Tsukihime, Kara no Kyoukai], Attack on Titan, Pokémon (Trainers), probably a few more I'm forgetting.)

    Feel free to add me on Skype, too: Thisrandomperson666

    Eager for your replies!
  2. Hello there!

    I'd be more then happy to create some sort of fantasy RP, I've never player or have used a Dungeon Master in something small as this. Though I'd be interested.
  3. I'd like to rp with you. I've roleplayed D&D 3.5 for some years and Pathfinder once, so I could use the character sheets if you want to. Or we could go with other genre, except for sci fi, I'm not really interested in that. n.nU
  4. I would love to do a World War Roleplay with you, if you are interested! :D
  5. Wanna try to set up a Pokemon rp?
  6. I'll rp with you. Maybe a modern plot with a hint of fantasy or scifi in it?