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  1. Hi!! I'm Lola, I'm 16, a Junior, and I've been roleplaying for about 5 years now. I'm going to try and make this very neat and organized for you to be able to read it easier, okay? Okay!

    (As a little note to put up here, if our plot is romanced based, I absolutely will not under any circumstances do MxF. I'll do FxF and MxM and anything in-between, but I won't do MxF.)


    About Me:

    Replies: I mirror posts but my most comfortable range is 500-800 words,
    and I try to reply at least once a day/once a week. Depends on the length and the muse.

    My Writing: I can write like a lot, but you have to keep in mind that the longer our posts are, the longer it will take me to formulate a reply. If we're going back and fourth, sending each other one paragraph each, I'll reply to you like a million times a day, but if we're going back and fourth with 3-5 paragraphs each? It'll take a little bit. I can do mature scenes, but how descriptive it is all depends on how comfortable you are, and what you want.

    I Love: Age Gaps (Just as long as it's not creepy), Misunderstandings, and Plot twists!

    Me: Eastern Time Zone, 16, Only have A few Limits, friendly,
    communicative, open to ideas/discussion.

    Fandoms: I'd love to do Hetalia if you're interested! I can play most characters, but I'll only do CanonxCanon. But if you're comfortable with that and you have a plot, go ahead and message me! Here are my Pairings (There's a lot):
    - Spain x South Italy
    - South Italy x North Italy
    - France x England
    - America x England
    - France x Canada
    And literally, all the rest of them. The only characters I can't really play are Russia or China. Also, I like to write with human names if you don't mind!

    No's: Pedophilia, Furries(Nekos/Omegaverse is fine.),
    Extreme violence/Gore, Vore, Pure Smut w/o plot. etc. MxF.

    Regardless of if you like my plots below, if you're even just
    interested in the things or Fandoms I am, don't be afraid to
    PM me with your own RP interests!!

    About You:

    Replies: I don't mind the length, I just ask that you get to me as often as you can, at least once a week.

    You: Be communicative with me. I want your feed back on ideas, I want your plots,
    I want you to communicate with me so we can both have a good time. At the same
    time though, please just be nice and respectful towards me. Tell me your limits,
    what you can and can't do, and what you're not comfortable with.

    Poking: You can poke me once a week. Poking me more than once a week, or even more than once a day is the worst thing you can do. I will literally lose all muse within an instant. I'm the sort of partner who does forget sometimes, but keep in mind that I'm busy, I have school and things to do, you know? If you poke me too often, I won't even want to open your messages.

    Your Writing: I don't care what kind of FaceClaim you use, or if you do written
    descriptions, do what you're comfortable with. Please write in the third person,
    and be good to me.

    Vague Pairings/Ideas (Not Fleshed Out)
    These are ideas/pairings that we could make a plot around! These are ranked by the number of *'s, * being I'm pretty interested, and ***** being I'm craving this a whole bunch.

    -Omegaverse **
    -Arranged Marriage **
    -Royalty/Medieval ***
    -Magical Worlds!! *****
    -Magical elf and something go on an adventure? ****
    -Witches! *****
    -Witch Arranged Marriage ***
    -Slice of Life but with Fantasy Elements *****
    -Famous x Fan ****
    -In Love!Person x Insecure/Untrusting Person ***
    -Mental Hospital? ***
    -Asassin x Charge? ***

    If you have your own ideas, please Pm them to me! I'd love to work something out with you!
    Developed Idea #1: Sacred Shards??

    I’d like to make up a roleplay where maybe two teenagers from the same village run away to seek out the shards and they go on some wonderful adventure! I don’t think that they should be friends before this or anything; in fact they should be strangers. The only reason they go together is because one character (character A)’s family has kept one of the shards as a family heirloom and character B tells them the legend. Then they go off to seek happiness. I’d like it if they met a few other people along the way who end up coming with them. Romance is possible between these characters or their companions that will join along the way, I’d just prefer it if they fell in love naturally.

    Setting: This roleplay will take place on earth, but in a more natural setting. I imagine it to be like not medieval but lot’s of cute villages, plenty of forests, desserts, etc, etc. So it'll happen way back when.

    Preferences: I'd like to talk this out with you and really plan out like where each shard is, where they'll go on the way, who they'll meet, if they'll meet any significant characters who will join their adventure, etc!

    Sorta Developed Idea # 2: A Witch Princess. (FxF if Romance)

    Character A is a princess who has dabbled in the dark arts of witch craft. This idea is very open because I have a few scenerios in my head and they are as follows:

    -B is a Witch who lives far away into nature-y areas and she's very well known, there's scary stories and folk lore about her. Character A goes to seek her out and B takes A as her student. Maybe B has more than one student, maybe B only takes A in because having a Princess under her arm is useful? This can be expanded on.

    -A is found out and burned at the stake, or at least that's what everyone thinks. When a princess is caught doing witch craft, the news gets around quickly. This news reaches the underground witch society and they save her. She burns to death, yes, but one of the representitives from the community takes her ashes and brings her back. The princess would be taken to the community where she would be given her own little home in the forest and she'd be allowed to live freely. This gives a lot of potential to what/who character B could be. Maybe B is another witch living in the community who helps to teach A of the real world? Maybe B is a mentor, maybe they're not even a witch but some other sort of super natural creature, it's very open! But whatever B is, this would be a lot of helping Character A through her new issues. (With her parents burning her alive and all, you know, that stuff.)

    Setting: Medieval.

    Preference: In any of the scenerios, even in one you suggest, I wouldn't mind playing either characters.

    If you like this, have any ideas to put on it, or would like to expand on it with something you came up with, please message me!
    Mostly Developed Idea # 3: Servant x Prince’s/Princess’ Favorite Whore

    So, character B was selected at a young age and pampered all their life. This happened because they were to become a harem whore for members of the royal family.

    Character A is a simple servant whose duties suddenly are switched up. Instead of guarding the Prince/Princess, they end up watching over the Harem instead. Character B would catch their eye very quickly, and a secret romance would pursue. A whore isn’t supposed to be doing anything with anyone without the Prince/Princess’ permission and being the favorite, Character B knows they won’t get that permission, but they still proceed to fall in love with Character A.

    Being a whore guard, Character A would have to follow B to the Prince/Princess’ room and stand outside the door. This could lead to jealousy, hurt feelings, those sorts of things.

    Setting: Another kingdom that we can world build and/or base off something.

    Who I’d Play: I don’t really mind, either one is fine.

    Extra Info/Preferences: I don’t prefer either character, and we can talk about if we want to explicitly implement the Prince/Princess, and who would take on that extra role. I wouldn’t mind doing it.

    This Roleplay is sort of adult themed, but if we’re not in the same age group or if you’re uncomfortable I’m perfectly fine with fading to black.
    Idea # 4: Poor!Kid (A) and Rich!Dating A's Sister!Kid (B) MXM

    Open Idea. I imagine it starting out as a highschool roleplay that involves a rich kid messing with the wrong poor kid. So, Character A's sister would be a floosy girl who's dating Character B at the time. Character B and the Sister will get into an argument which leads to Character A going to his home threatening him. Character B can feel whatever way about it but then when Character A actually comes to teach him a lesson and beat him up, they some how end up in a yelling match, then in a kiss. After this, the Sister will have forgiven him and expect to be together which leads to Character B being at Character A's house constantly, and neither of them know how to handle it.

    Who I'd Play: Well, to save you the work I think I'll take on the sister, regardless of what you're doing unless you'd like to. But besides that I don't have much of a preference.

    Setting: Modern, in a highschool.
    If You'd Like to Propose Your Idea to Me!
    I like:

    -Roleplays about adventure! They're so much easier to do because there's never any slow points. When they're not off fighting danger and adventuring, they're camping or something of that sort and getting to know each other.
    -Roleplays with more than two main characters! As in me and you both would take up more than one and would constantly play as them when they're involved in the story.
    -Roleplays where the conflict isn't based on social issues between our two characters. Any roleplay where we'll basically be writing two characters talking and doing nothing else for hours? That's a no.
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  2. @LolaDesiré

    First off welcome to the site love and
    second off the Poor!Kid (A) and Rich!Dating A's Sister!Kid (B) one sound pretty funny and cute to do lol
    I can pretty much do anything and open to anything really
    I can do between 1-4 paras maybe 6 paras depending what's going on in the rp at the moment
    I can replay frequently, 2-4 times a day or more if life let's me
    Hmmm just in case you wanted to know I'm 20 so I won't be asking for smut or anything
    Cause well I dont feel like getting kicked out of a wonderful site lmao
    Oh if you need any help with the site or anything you're welcome to ask if you like
  3. This is always open btw, and if you're not interested in my plots, still feel free to message me with your own!!!
  4. xxxx Updated with new plots!!! xxxx
  5. Still Looking!!​
  6. Oh geeze. That went well. I failed already, hah...

    Anyway, as I was saying (or not)

    None of your plots perticularly catch my attention, but I am still interested in you. Roleplaying with you. Yeah?... Yeah..

    So, I wanted to know if you had any other kind of just... Random pairings or whatever?

    Or failing that, maybe a list of what fandoms you're into roleplaying?

    Otherwise I have a thread search thing with some plots and pairings and such on you could probably have a look through. I mean, they're mostly crap, but still.

    And if that fails again... One of the things from your non-specific plot thing whatevers. Uh. It was something about roommates or something.

    Sorry this is so bad. I suck, hah. I'll just blame it on my lack of sleep. .-.
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  7. xxxx Updated 11/13/16 xxxx
  8. Some of these caught my attention.
  9. Sent a PM about a possible plot.
  10. Updated 12/5/16 w/ New Pairings!!
  11. Heyo Lola! I'd be interested in Prince(ss) and Servant, and would happily take the royal since I'm a huge fan of just having things sprung.

    But I come with two warning labels.
    1) I'm not huge into pre-planning romances (but if the characters go that way, that's fine with me).
    2) I probably do a 1-3 posts a week at 500-800. That does tend to be my sweet spot. I'm also cool going to 1-2 paragraphs and keeping things snappy.

    Let me know if that works for you ^^
  12. Still looking for more partners!
  13. Still looking, and updated with new ideas!!
  14. Um...have you found a name yet?
  15. I love the idea of a servant c a prince/princess's favorite whore. I'd perhaps like to talk about that?
  16. Hello! You can call me Lulu! ^^

    The magical elf idea really pecks my interest. Mainly due to my love of anything fantasy. My posting speed tends to vary depending on what's happening in my life. Length also varies on what I have to work with. I am currently working on getting back into school so again my schedule will vary. I'm open to most things as well as smut seeing as I am also 16.
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