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  1. This is my first time doing this on this site so please bear with me.

    Right now I'm looking to do a rebellion/war kind of adventure fantasy RP. I have a couple of potential ideas depending on what someone else might be interested in. I really like to focus on developing my characters and their world, generally a made up world (I find it just works better for me). I like to have multiple characters, with some of them being distinctly side characters, but also having multiple mains. Romance is fine, as long as it doesn't become the whole plot, but it could take up a part. Just a warning: I am highly cheesy and love cliques.

    What I'm looking for is someone who could post at least once a day, since that's what I think I could do too. Also, I'd like someone who is able to help steer the plot since I might run out of ideas at some point and need time to come up with more.

    So, if you have any interest post here or message me. Feel free to ask questions or suggest something that perhaps you might be interested in doing.


  2. I'm interested, what ideas did you have in mind?
  3. I kind of have a couple, but they may be kinda vague.

    1. Rebellion
    Pretty much the ruling group/government of the country has outlawed a certain group of people for a reason (perhaps because they can use magic). Those in charge want to get rid of the 'outlaws' by many means necessary. Then this could go two ways, that I've thought of:
    a. There could have been raids of the country like 10 years ago when the government thought they got rid of all of the 'outlaws', but they are still living in the country. Then one of our characters could find out about them or something along those lines and just the pressure of hiding for fear of ones life. This could end up with the 'outlaws' rebelling or planning to; it's pretty fluid.​
    b. The 'outlaws' were starting to be shunned in the country and being treated cruelly, so they are currently hiding in camps and trying to rally support to fight for their lives. There are complications though: how can you really know if someone is one your side? Where will they find food and adequate shelter? Can they really survive in the wild alone, let alone be able to fight a war that way?​

    2. War
    I only have one idea on this for the moment, but the gist of it is that there has been a war going on for hundreds of years between two countries and the tension are just starting to lessen when the child of a high ranking official of one of the countries disappears; assumed to be taken by the enemy country. The country from which the child went missing from is ready to stop peace negotiations and go back to full out war. However, the brother of the child talks the council into allowing him to travel to the enemy country and try to find out the truth of the matter. Then many things could spur from there.

    So, anything float your boat?
  4. I really like b of the Rebellion. Also, does each outlaw have any particular magic they can use? Or is it just a single type magic that they all can use?
  5. My thought was that each outlaw could have their own type of magic, but like multiple people could potentially have the same or similar ones.
    Preferably nothing too overpowered.
  6. The idea you have for war sounds cool. I would like to pursue that rp with
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