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  1. I have made a 1x1 request in the past being just after a fandom RP mainly. Well this time is a bit different.

    I happened to be in the creative mood and made a new character I wish to do a 1x1 with before I take her to a group RP. I also noticed other characters I wouldn't mind doing a 1x1 RP for either.

    I'm also willing to do a 1x1 and start from scratch on a character but here is the type of RP I'm usually big with.
    Adventure, Fantasy, Fandom, Misc. Depending on the idea, Modern Fantasy, hero/villain RP I can do Romance but prefer a little mix of one of those same on Labrinteen.

    Now before I share the characters names and link's to there sheets. Here's a little bit you may wish to know about me. So I am 17 in high school meaning I can't always be on and may not reply asap. I also don't have the greatest spelling or grammar; spell check or not. But I am working on it so when something doesn't make since. I am fine with being told, and am working on how to fix it to make since. Even if it's just pause the RP to explain OOC, or change the post completely. Just I don't want the RP to die for something like that. Another thing if you can't be on for a while that's fine just let me know. I can wait real life comes first. I usually don't get worried till no reply, or notice within a few weeks. A day or two is fine by me. I'll try to inform you the same.

    Okay now here's the characters, but if there is a question on your mind feel free to ask. And here ya go my ideas to pick from. And don't worry I don't have to chose the setting if you don't want, but I could. I just will need help keeping the RP going, and maybe started depending on an idea you may have.

    Welcome to the Characters:
    Lara Evans
    Emillie Alice Roth
    Jade Serena Roth

    This is it on those who are complete and not fandoms. Or well mostly complete but I'm willing to add to.
    There are others I'm good with using and may be added to this list later if some seem interested RPing with me and any on the list or happen to be interested in one they may had noticed with.

    Encase I missed putting this let me know here or by PM if you wish to RP a 1x1 with me.​
  2. Still searching for some partners.
  3. Does costumed vigilante duo fall into Hero and Villain?
  4. I would say so yeah. Something I never thought of honestly but sounds about the same in a way that is.
  5. Ok.

    If you like, I can PM you.
  6. Yeah that would be good. And you can explain maybe some more on your idea then.
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