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Medieval Fantasy, High Fantasy, Low Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Drama
Yo. I'm tired and bored so I'll keep it short, like a good tinder profile (that's a joke...).

Looking for long-term, advanced writer for epic story writing. I am looking to write low/high/medieval fantasy stories. I like to read, so I like writing with a partner who loves to write. I also love to write huge passages myself, this is my stress-relief!

Some of my go-to idears/characters/story lines are below to pique your interest...
  • Sorceress/enchantress who manipulates her way into a richer wo/man's home for her own selfish gain. They fall in love and her past brings all sorts of trouble for the new lover.
  • Werewolf clans. Super passionate, instinctive family groups and the trouble they face in the world with humans.
  • Warlords/women conquering cities and making political marriages.
  • Forced/arranged marriages are a dirty pleasure of mine.
  • Stories involving/revolving around fair folk/fae of legend.
I would prefer to play a female character, and partner her with male or female. I do, however, like playing big casts so would like my partner to double up on characters. If they want to play a female-male pairing in addition, I can play a secondary male character.

Here are examples of my writing and what I'm looking for:

Iffffff any of that sounds vaguely amusing to you, send me a message and we can get chatting about a plot together.



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slice of life,romance,fantasy,anime,magical,domxsub,medieval
could we do an arrange royal marriage by chance? i love playing female roles and i love medieval rps