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  1. About Myself
    Hello. I'm Kraken. With the stress of senior year coming to a close, I have more time to pass, so I'm looking for a few partners to help fill in the growing down-time. While I've still got a moderately difficult course load and a senior thesis to march on through (but there is a growing light at the end of the tunnel!), I can realistically reply once or twice a week. By the Iwaku standards, I fall between "Adept" and "Advanced", but I'll often play the mirror game and put in what my partner does. I'm not looking for 100% tip-top grammar - we all make mistakes - but please give your posts a look over!

    More on the writing bits: I write in third person past-tense with limited (if any) direct insights into more than one character's thoughts. On average, I can easily write up several paragraphs per post, but when it comes to action, dialogue, extensive character interaction, and so forth, posts will either become shorter to avoid unnecessary filler (or I will request we work on some collaborative posts if you'd like to keep the posts a tad lengthier). Take a look at my Resume if you want to know more, and don't hesitate to ask for writing samples!

    In terms of genres and plots, I'm flexible. The only genres I outright refuse to do fall under multiverses, fandoms using canon characters, and most modern-era plots. Usually, though, I gravitate towards low fantasy (Lies of Locke Lamora, The Black Company, Mistborn) and hard science fiction (Leviathan Wakes, Blade Runner, so forth). Generally, any plot thick with moral ambiguity and intrigue of some sort laced with brief action sequences catches my fancy, but it's all about balance and expectations: I'm certainly willing to play something action-heavy like Mad Max so long as I know going in it'll be like that.

    While I covered a few of the requirements above, and some will be repeated, here's an enumerated list of them:

    - Adept-Advanced writer, 3-5 paragraphs per post (if non dialogue/action/etc.)
    - Please put some effort forth on planning and plotting! It should be 50/50!
    - Be a confident writer.
    - Be able to juggle more than one character. Not asking for a full cast of full-depth characters, but some NPCs and variety'd be very nice to see!
    - Reply at least once a week. Give me forward notice if you can't - I promise I won't bite.
    - Be willing to stick this out to the end or give me notice about dropping out!
    - Please PM me if you're interested with a writing sample; I'll be willing to do the same for you.
    - Contact can be purely through Iwaku, but I'm willing to hand out email and Skype as well.
    - I RP in threads only, sorry.

    Premade Plots
    These are just a few ideas I've had simmering around for a while that are (mostly) ready-to-go. Most of these are settings and premises, with room for personalization and characters. They are subject to change from person to person, but I will say I'm only going to take one of each at a time. I'll update the post as they come and go.

    Moving on Up

    The year is 2102. Humanity's just taken its first teetering steps to the moon and Mars, made possible by a space elevator constructed on the equator. The world's largest city, known colloquially as "the Night City", is the result of years of construction to complete the space elevator and international funding. When the project was finished over 20 years ago, the city only grew from there. Built entirely by private companies with the approval of Chile, Brazil, and other South American countries, the Night City is a global hegemony, possessing the world's largest population, a GDP to rival most countries, and the pipeline to the fuel source of the future: Helium-3.

    When a corporate suit, one of the highest-ranking officials in the conglomerate responsible for both the Night City and the space elevator, is listed as a purpose of interest in the murder of one of vying candidates for the position of CEO, two detectives, both hardened by years in the Night City, attempt to cut through miles of corporate red tape, back-alley deals, and criminal networks to find the true murderer.
    Lone Spark
    [Low Fantasy|Grimdark|Monsters|Survival]

    There exists a pantheon of several deities, all bound by a single source known as the Entity, an inexplicable void of power in the darkness of the world. The King, the Scribe, and the Knight to name a few. In this world, humans reside at the bottom of the food chain in a land inhabited by strange beasts. Whether food, sport, or servant to these beasts it does not matter. Every so often, a band of humans, written into the world by the Scribe's restless quill, will establish an island of civilization in the inky blackness, given the light of the Lantern by the Illuminated Lady.

    Every generation or so, there is born a mighty hero and spellcaster: a "Savior." Saviors tread the nightmarish lands of the Entity in their dreams, able to access a host of knowledge and power long lost to all but those that reside in the Grand Library. When a Savior is born on the road in a band of fleeing humans, the battered warriors and survivors pledge to carry the girl safely to the Grand Library or die trying.

    The World Today

    The world's ended, and it's been that way for a while. At least a century, maybe more. The sky is clouded with ash still, husks of cities remain unclaimed, and the winters are harsh, brutal, and long. No one knows what the world used to be like. Whoever was around when it did fall neglected to tell the next generation of what used to be reality. Periodically, bouts of 'the Plague' ravish human populations, raising the dead and drowning a teetering civilizations in constant struggle. Life has returned to that of the dark ages, with loose bands of warriors lead by mighty warlords controlling a populace of serfs and farmers. Conventional firearms have long-since vanished, and most use poorly-made muskets or hand weapons.

    In the hopelessness of the world's state exists an order of warriors, traveling in small bands of three or four, known by several names throughout the land. Immune to the Plague both in its airborne and contact-only forms, tested with a bite of one of the dead upon initiation, these warriors fight for supplies and good fortune. Some pledge life to various warlords, others remain mercenaries, but all share a since of duty to their fellow man. After being exiled to "the Island", two such warriors must attempt to make a living in what used to be the world's mightiest city or return to the mainland and be branded a traitor for the rest of their lives.

    Second Wind
    [Fantasy| Epic Quest|Adventure]

    Years ago, it is said, a mighty hero ventured with the armies of both mortal men and the enigmatic full-born to rid the world of evil. Bearing a weapon that served as the vessel of goodness and hope, all believed the hero to be unstoppable.

    As it turned out, evil was just as capable of having prophecies of farm-boys-turned-heroes, and the champion of good perished upon the battlefield without so much as scratching his opponent. For years to come, evil ruled the realms of men, the full-born, creatures born of the gods' will, fled entirely, vowing to return with the balance of fate. Time trudged on, and the champion that had brought about the imbalance found his end at the blade of a son impatient to take up his father's mantle. It is unknown what happened after this heir took the throne, but one thing is for certain: the gods have vanished entirely.

    With mutterings of prophecies rising throughout the realm, mutterings of full-born rejoining society and clerics of good and evil possessing true power, sprouting, the question remains on everyone's mind: what if the gods are returning? The rumors are cast to light when a man bearing a relic of an older time stumbles upon a group of mercenaries on the road. Inadvertently, whether the man knew it or not, a shift in the balance of power had just begun, and now a group of unlikely heroes finds itself in the foreground of another great legend in the making.

    In Conclusion
    Thanks for taking the time to read through this! Not interested in any of these ideas? No problem! I'm open to suggestions, be it to edit one of the above plots or to introduce your own idea. Please PM me if you're interested in forging a partnership and we can work out the characters and plot further.
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  2. If you are still looking for partners for these, i would be interest in any of the ideas that you have listed here, especially the Zombie roleplay. If you need to, you can consult my Roleplay resume.
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