Looking for Active Partners for Romance Role Plays! (Open)

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  1. As stated in the title, these are all pure romance and/or drama/every day life.
    Rarely do I use action.
    However, I'm always up for a good horror role play, so feel free to ask about those!
    If you're up for mature role plays, or sex scenes, I'm also up for those! However, you need to be 18 or older to do them with me, since I'm 19.

    Also stated in my title, I'm looking for active and grammar proper people to role play with.
    When I say active, I mean someone who can reply at least once a day, although I prefer more.
    What I'm looking for as to writing is someone who can use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as match my length, or at least half of it, whether it be 3 paragraphs, or 10.

    Also, I'd like someone who can be honest; if you want to quit, please don't leave me hanging.
    I hate it!
    I'd really appreciate it if you could send an owl telling me you want to quit.
    I won't be upset, I promise!

    I can write a lot, or a little, depending on my mood, and how life is going.
    My minimum is 2 paragraphs, and I'll never go below that.
    Maximum... Well, I'm not sure- I've written quite a bit before.

    Anyhoo- I'm willing to double, so never worry about that.
    I'm looking for both fandom role plays and original, although I'll warn you, I prefer fandoms.
    I need some people to play canons for me, but I'm willing to play them too.

    If there is a * next to an idea, I've got a plot up and ready!

    Harry Potter:

    Snape/Oc* (This can be teacher/oc, student/student, or adult/adult)
    Luna/Oc (f/f)
    Hermione/Oc* (f/f)


    (I'm also willing to play anyone from the Avengers)

    Percy Jackson:


    Lord of the Rings:


    Rise of the Guardians:


    Pirates of the Caribbean:

    Jack Sparrow/Oc

    The Hobbit:



    Tom Hiddleston/Oc
    Leonardo Dicaprio/Oc
    Orlando Bloom/Oc

    Original Ideas:

    Best Friends in Love*
    Pregnant Teen
    Family Drama
    Forbidden Love
    God(or Goddess)/Mortal

    Things I won't do:

    One Direction
    Justin Bieber
    Jonas Brothers
    Doctor Who
    Or anything I don't know.

    I'm sure there's others that I'll add later.
    Anyway, if you want to do something, but don't see it here, ask, and I'll be sure to answer.
    Pm me, or comment!
  2. I know I may seem really noobish, but I am very interested in a roleplay partner in crime!!! I used to roleplay all of the time a few years back. The only reason I stopped was because life hit me really hard. But I've recently been seeking people for roleplaying and you seem like someone I could have fun doing so with!! I'm up for just about anything and I can definitely write a lot. I'm interested in your Legolas and Best friends in love roleplays you already have stuff ready for!! Hopefully this can work, becaus I'd really love to get back into this!! :)
  3. I would be very much interested in doing a Best Friends in Love RP! And VERY interested to hear the plot you have for it! :3
  4. Any interest in Draco/Harry? I know it says in your roleplay resume you don't typically do yaoi, but I thought I would just ask to be extra sure :)
  5. Harry Potter:
    Rise of the Guardians:

    Original Ideas:
    Best Friends in Love*
    Pregnant Teen
    Forbidden Love

    Those are the ones I'm interested in. I have no preference of what we do. if we do HP or RotG I would like to be the OC since I completely suck as canons. I have no gender pref. either and prefer doubling.
  6. Okay so... I was looking at the original plot ideas.
    And I was thinking maybe an mxm or something like that with best friends in love, and then mixing in forbidden love as well, sort of symbolically of course that it is bad to love your best friend, but maybe their parents hate the idea or whatever. I don't really know.
    Considering it's best friends.... could it be about three months after graduating from high school? So they decide to have a meetup because they haven't had time to contact each other with college coming up. They suddenly discover that they got accepted into the same college and are roommates.
    And it can't be mature since I'm 15 :) so it'll be a onexone and if something juicy happens, we'll just have to fade it to black and then take it from there... how does this all sound to you?

    And about my activeness, I would almost call myself active every day, but I might have one-day slips where I don't get a reply in! Is that too much for you? Normally I can reply more than once every day but sometimes I'm just too busy to get on that much.
  7. Kaylee: Which would you rather do? I'm up for multiple role plays, if you'd like to do more than one.

    WhiteLily: I'm messaging you right now~

    Riley: I may be up for that, depending on if you'd play a canon character for me while I play a female oc?

    Becky: Let's do Pregnant Teen. Those are always fun.

    Minagi: I don't usually like to do male x male, are you up for female x male? We could do two role plays, and have one be m/m and one f/m, if you like.
  8. That would be alrighty with me.
  9. Okay, want to pm me?
  10. Can you do it? It's tricky on my phone and I have to take my bike to school so I'll be off for 10 minutes or so.
  11. I am highly interested in the Demon/Human idea.
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