Looking for a Zombie 1x1 RP

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  1. Hello! So after I watched "The Walking Dead", I'm super pumped up to roleplay a zombie-apocalypse~ I'm a chill person to be with and I'd be okay with almost everything--except the following: Gary sues, Mary sues, OP characters, whiny people, over-dramatic, etc. And one liners is a definite no-no. I prefer to RP with someone who has decent writing skills and wouldn't mind slow-development for our characters--and there might be doubling but I assure you not too many. But yeah! Shoot me a message and I'll tell you the plot I have in mind c: I was thinking about doing OC's but I totally don't mind RPing with characters from The Walking Dead, but only if it's DarylxGlenn.

    I'd also like to work with pleasant people. We don't have to be besties and all but it'd be nice ^-^

    And if you want to double, it can be a girl! I don't mind, as long as the main pairing is MxM.

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  2. //crickets
  3. Im into it. Let's double?
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