Looking for a Wide Variety of Romance Partners! {Open}

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  1. Info about me & my rules
    1. I am a very passive roleplayer and never like to mainly lead the roleplay. Of course, I make sure that each of my posts have something that will advance the plot, you just might not see me making posts that will start the beginning of intense drama or tragedy.
    2. Following the first note, my characters are passive/introverted as well so I recommend having an outgoing character if you want to even that out (though sometimes two introverted characters can be cute too).
    3. When it comes to romance roleplays, I am ONLY comfortable playing the female. Sorry for being picky! ^^"
    4. Please use good grammar. I am not too picky about your vocabulary level though (the higher, the better). As long as you know the difference between "there," their," and "they're," you're probably good to go.
    5. Since this is just a 1x1 roleplay, the most I ask of you to post is at least 3 sentences, as long as I have something to reply to/as long as it advances the plot. I would actually prefer at least one paragraph though (5-7 sentences). I will normally mirror your posting length, so if you post 5 paragraphs then I most likely will too.
    6. I would also be fine with turning any of these into a group roleplay if anyone wants to do that as well.
    7. I'm fine with both FxM and FxF, just not MxM because, again, I prefer not to play male characters. Sorry once more for my pickiness!
    8. I am fine with 'sexual themes' happening and would prefer for that to happen at least once during the roleplay, but ONLY if you're under 18 like I am so that way it's legal and not creepy... (Users with blue stars are under 18, users with red stars are over 18.)
    9. I love all of those cliche lovey-dovey type things like consoling, cuddling, and protecting from my partner. Just caring for and protecting in general are nice for me.
    9. If you have any rules/preferences that I have not addressed above, please tell me on your first PM to me.

    Plot Ideas
    (A '#' next to a title means that I desperately want to do that plot. All ideas are open unless they have a strike through them.)

    ~Arranged Marriage~#
    | Royalty | Modern with a slight hint of Victorian times | Prince x princess | Tough love |
    A young teenage prince and princess have been warned all their life that if they don't find a partner on their own at least one year before being crowned to king or queen, then they will be forced to marry the prince/princess of the neighboring country. Ironically, this is just what happens to them. The princess's entire family (including herself) is forced to move into the prince's castle, joining their countries together. They are given one year to try and love each other before being officially announced as husband and wife on their 18th birthday. During this time, will they find a way to get over themselves or forever hate their partner?​

    ~Stranded Love~#
    | Modern | Man vs Nature | Survival | MxF or FxF |
    Two people wake up completely lost and confused on a stranded tropical island, no distant land anywhere near then, and having no memory of their past life or how they ended up there. They only have stranded, broken pieces of wood around them and have to tune into their survival instincts while still trying to protect each other from every aspect of nature, including the weather and predators. After a short while, spending so much time around one another brings a new feeling to them, and soon enough they start falling for one another.​

    ~The Foreign Exchange Student~
    | Modern | Cultural | New experiences and opportunities | MxF |
    The new exchange student has arrived! And whether the son of the host family likes it or not, he's going to have to share his room with this student and show her how life in his country works... For an entire year! From school, to holidays, to manners, he's going to have to be the main guide for this student and try to get her adapted to his country. After a while, beneath all of the awkwardness between them, other feelings start to arise and sooner or later one of them is going to have to come clean with their feelings to themselves and the other person. (I would like to play as the exchange student in this plot.)

    ~The Royalty and The Commoner~
    | Modern or Victorian-style or Mixed | MxF or FxF | Forbidden Love | Royalty |
    A young girl desperate for a job after finishing high school decides to take up a job in the royal kingdom as a personal maid to the prince. Despite having no previous job and no talent in general, it has good pay as long as she can put up with the arrogant and boisterous prince(ss) every day who is near the same age as her. Only after a couple days, they already start to grow closer to each other and the girl still tries to deny her feelings. A member of royalty and commoner? Together? In love? Nothing else has ever been more forbidden, yet it's happening.

    ~The Werewolf and the Human~#
    | Action | Protective | Alpha Werewolf Boy x Human Girl | Drama |
    A werewolf mate is essentially like a soul-mate to humans, except basically a million times stronger. Each and every werewolf is connected to a 'mate', to whom they will spend the rest of their life with. The connection between mates is irresistible and sometimes emotionally painful when separated, as everything about your mate is perfect, all the way from their scent, their skin, their legs, nose, eyes, their little habits, and so on, and they don't really have a choice because of how strong this bond is. Some never find their mate, and some have been rejected by them, to which sometimes that emotional pain of being separated becomes so strong that they end up with their own bullet through their brain. Alpha wolves of the pack feel this bond much more strongly, and alphas are naturally the strongest and most protective out of their whole entire pack. At the age of 18, the alpha finally gains the ability to find their mate, most likely by recognizing their scent out of a room of a hundred people and their touch can be like static. This mate becomes the Luna of the pack, much like how a king and queen rule a country, an Alpha and Luna rule a werewolf pack.
    So, on a quiet night out fishing with her dad, a teenage 100% human girl meets someone in the woods. This 'someone' happens to be her mate and Alpha of a pack, but because of her being human, she doesn't know anything about their world, much less like she even believes in werewolves in the first place. She still feels the strong connection, and somehow, someway, her mate needs her with him, and he is much too determined to get her.​

    Other Pairings
    Please only PM me about one of the pairings below if you have at least a basic plot idea set up for them. I am absolute shit when it comes to making plots, but I can help you expand on any and/or join a complete plot idea that you already have. The bolded characters are the ones that I prefer to play as. A '#' means I really want to do that pairing.

    Link x Zelda
    Tutor x Student
    Thomas x Teresa (Maze Runner)
    Thomas x OC (Maze Runner)
    Sherlock x OC (21st century Sherlock) #
    Sherlock x Molly (21st century Sherlock)
    Marnie x Anna (When Marnie Was There - Studio Ghibli) #
    Howl x Sophie (Howl's Moving Castle - Studio Ghibli)
    Tamaki x Haruhi (Ouran Highschool Host Club)
    Kyoya x Haruhi (Ouran Highschool Host Club) #
    Kyoya x OC (Ouran Highschool Host Club) #
    Kaoru (or Hikaru) x Haruhi (Ouran Highschool Host Club)
    Yato x Hiyori (Noragami) ###

    It's not a lot right now, I know, I'll probably add more later. Again, PM me if you're interested in any of these. :)​
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  2. Updated a plot and pairings. Still searching for more partners!
  3. I would love LinkxZelda or RoyalxCommoner
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