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  1. So, I was re-reading some of my old RP and stumbled into one I made a long time ago and I would like to re-live that plot now.

    It's actually pretty basic; I'm some kind of famous-ish character who just moved into a new and peaceful neighborhood on the outskirts. And what I'm looking for is for a young and a bit innocent boy to play as the son of my character neighbors so I can seduce him, have my way with him and turn him into a begging sissy and girlish bimbo slut.

    Phew... That was blunt. In any event, this would be like any other Slave x Master with that little girl-thing added at the end.
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  2. This is very intriging. What do you mean exactly by a sissy bimbo slut?

    Other then that I am interested and I'd like to write this with you.
  3. I could be interested if you're up for another try with me. [: PM me if you still need a partner.
  4. Yeah... I got that already covered. But thanks for the interest! ^^
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