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  1. Here we go.

    I am looking for a general and long time role-play partner. I am still new to this site so I may be a little strange. I have had a few people that I tried to role play with but I've had no luck. What I am looking for is a female partner. I don’t care if she role plays as a female, male or whatever she decides to be. I would like someone who has fun with whatever rp we are in and who likes to play both serious and dirty rps and doesn’t mind mashing them together. I’m hoping my partner will be open to things others may find strange. Generally I am looking for someone who is really dark and “weird”.

    I have a universe set up that I have worked many years on so it’s really in depth. I won’t explain it much here but it’s a dark fantasy that’s open for anything new. I’m also interested in rping in video game universes but I like to tweak some things so it’s more enjoyable to rp in. If my partner has ideas I would love to hear what they have in mind.

    I am a male but I Usually play as a female because males are kind of boaring for me to rp but I do play males from time to time. If you want to be my partner I'm hoping your into vore and other assorted body stuff. Don't worry I'm into other normal stuff but I really want someone who has more imagination than just standard sexual stuff. The final thing I am looking for is someone to just talk to and kind of be friends.

    Things I like.
    Extreme creativity
    Dark things as well as really beautiful things
    Wtf stuff
    Perverted stuff
    Hardcore music as well as symphonic gothic or metal
    Transformations even if its parasites
    Belly inflation
    Short pregnancy
    Belly bulge
    Rape insects
    Urethra play/sounding.
    Medical play
    Feet but I am very picky. I usually don't like them but it depends.

    Things I don’t like,

    I like everything really except poopy.
    I hate grammar Nazis I am really relaxed with my writing unless I am writing for work or education
    People who send a post and then I don't hear from them for days >.<.

    I prefer if people send messages no more than 30 minutes apart :) but I understand that we have other stuff to do.

    People who don't read this entire post and then send me a message that they are interested
    There’s more but whatever

    Side notes,

    If you’re into furry stuff it’s not really my thing usually but there have been exceptions. I do find hybrid stuff and monster girls very intriguing.

    I am uncomfortable around MLP stuff ….. And real life horses. Horses are jerks.

    My role-plays are relaxed I improvise everything unless I have to set up a goal. I don't like rps on rails.

    I am a hardcore gamer so if you have steam or killer instinct we will be able to play some games. All my friends are gone so it will be awesome to make more.

    I used to rp a lot back 5 years ago but my partner was in the wrong place at the wrong time so we haven’t talked to each other since.

    I prefer if you live in a time zone similar to mine so I don’t have to be up at 4 am to rp. You get bonus points if your within the united states.

    When I send normal messages I usually throw short rp stuff in it just because.

    If I am confused I will go OOC to ask you questions in parenthesis.

    That’s about it. If you’re not open to weird stuff don’t waste my time. Even though I want you to have fun being weird I still like "normal" roleplaying. If you’re interested or have questions ask me. I prefer pms. I will want to talk to you a bit before we rp so I can understand you. Check out my resume and junk.
    If i don’t seem exited it’s because few people are compatible or use me just so they get one rp done and then leave. And sorry if I wrote this terribly I am nervous and an extreme introvert.
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  2. Same here. Though I ain't a fan of gore and drama.
  3. :x I mean, you haven't really stated anywhere what you like and dislike and as long as 'weird' doesn't exactly mean 'icky' then I have no reason to not see what's on your mind.
  4. I should probably elaborate :P I like most things just not poop stuff. I actually challenge potential partners to gross me out. Im embarrassed to say exactly all I like here but lets just say a lot of it is transformation and body stuff :) I rarely like gore but it depends.
  5. Are you still looking for a partner? I'm interested!
  6. I might be interested. I'm kinda into my character being abused and taken advantage of in any way you like. As far as roleplay goes, I don't really have any limits besides foot fetishes and sex with animals.
  7. I am still looking :) if I don't send you a pm its because im pretty sure we aren't compatible. Trust me I have a different style :)
  8. >.< I was expecting this site to be more fruitful. I'm still looking let me seduce you!
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  9. I've literally only done 1 full rp since I've been here. My brain hurts with all the pent-up ideas
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  10. If you have in mind a plot you'd like to try, message me. We could try :).
  11. I would like to RP with you! I am also a gamer myself so I'm sure we will get along ^-^
  12. The above still apply but I am really wanting vore atm
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  13. I am back to looking for partners. The current ones I have are a little busy with life or whatever they need to be doing atm and I don't want to bother them. The above still apply but vore and maybe medical are my super interest right now. I am perfectly fine with just sex rps but I am kind of feeling the need to go on adventures and such since I haven't in a long time. Also I am not a big foot fetish person unless its under certain conditions so if your into that I'm kind of feeling like playing around with it. And like I said above I prefer not to do normal and common sex stuff since it gets really boreing.
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  14. I wish I didn't have to post to my own thread just to bump it >.<"
  15. Really annoyed and hopeless voice_ Once again.... I am looking for a cool partner that is just as relaxed and weird as I am. My main partner is gone and the rest are to busy to send one post apparenty. It would be awesome to rp.
  16. Really bored and hopeless voice_ Once again... I am still looking for partners. My main one has been gone for a while and the others are busy. So busy infact that they couldn't spend 5 seconds to let me know. So if you feel like experimenting and adventuring a bit give me a shot.
  17. Shit I could be an excellent partner but I'm male
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  18. Still looking for a female partner
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