Looking for a third (Reaper x Anya x ? )

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  1. Hullo! So here's the plot idea for this:

    My real-life partner ( @Anya_x )and I would like to set up an RP with somebody else where we would be playing ourselves and would look for somebody else to play a third, female character, for well, ahem, plot and then sexytimes.

    We could meet the other character (who can be anyone as long as they fit into a modern-day real-life setting) someplace or kick off interaction almost any way you can think of, but the basic premise here is that the third character would become a long-term extra partner or a playmate for our characters.

    Please feel free to send me a PM or to reply to the thread if you are interested!
  2. Still looking for a third??
  3. I would be interested in that. It sounds like an interesting idea.
  4. Alright. Send me a PM with some character details and an example of your writing if you could? Just so we can get an idea of what we can work with ^^
  5. By the way; we are still looking for more partners for this as we would like to have a few threads like this (we want to see how different personalities etc. would interact with us) so if you are interested do tell us!
  6. Yes, yes! Still looking! So anyone with questions or stuff let either of us know. =]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.