Looking for a Steampunk Adventure

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  1. Hello there! I'm looking for a partner who would be interested in a mafia-oriented roleplay set in a steampunk period with a few modern elements mixed in. I'd like to work out the kinks later when we plan out a bit together, but the basic skeleton of the plot I have in mind is this:

    A loanshark who cares nothing about his clients or what happens to them meets a new victim; a firey-spirited young woman living in a broken-down carriage in an alley between two abandoned apartment buildings. There is a problem with the dealing, however, and a member of the opposing crime syndicate attempts to jump them. With the help of Divine Retribution and circumstances that keep the poor woman and cold-hearted man's paths intertwined, the gang member finally finds a softer place in his heart for his clients; if only just the one that helped to change him.

    I would like action, I would like drama, and definitely romance! I'd prefer to be the woman, so I'm looking for a male counterpart character.

    Just a few other things:
    • I write fairly long passages, I'd like someone who would be willing to write 2-3 paragraphs or more per post. I understand there are times when things will come out short, but I'd like to keep this as my gold standard.
    • Don't be afraid to talk to meeeeee! I don't bite (hard)! I like planning out events and other things with my partners, and it also wouldn't hurt to know if I should beat it and go look for another partner or wait patiently for another post.

    If anyone is interested, let me know! And bring your creativity and suggestions with you! I'd love to hear them!
  2. I suppose I could do something like this.