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  1. I am going to be doing a roleplay about two ghosts who were friends in life that haunt the old house they were killed in. They enjoy scaring the juviniles who dare each other to go inside the house at night, and they are proud to be the urban legends of the town. But someone has decided to move in, and it's up to them to scare the new residents out of THEIR house. Unfortunately the new family aren't going to be easily scared out of their new home. It will be a humorous roleplay, but once the new residents decide to call in ghost hunters, the plot gets a little more exiting. Anyone want to do this plot? If I only get one person wanting to roleplay with me, it'll be a 1x1, but if multiple people want to do this story, it'll be a group roleplay.
  2. And a cookie for anyone who knows what movie I got the idea from. (Hint: Instead of involving kids it involves a ghost couple who eventually hire a man to get the people out of the house. HintHint: You summon him by saying his name three times.)
  3. BEETLEJUICE, BEETLEJUICE, BEETLEJUICE (damn I hope I'm right lol) Sounds like a good plan I'll give it ago.
  4. [​IMG]

  5. Yay and the cookie is soooooooo yummmmmy Thanks :)
  6. I guess I'll start the IC roleplay tomorrow.
  7. Nice one do you want a character sheet done or do you just want to go for it and see what happens?
  8. Well, since we already know who the two ghosts are, we just have to make up a little bio of what happened. I'll post in 1x1 today, even though I was hoping for more people to show up so that way I could make it a group roleplay.
Thread Status:
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