Looking for a specific setting to use an old character! [Low fantasy]

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  1. Well, I would hate to dump a whole wall of text with very little aesthetic organization, but that seems to be what I'm about to do. D:

    Anyway, hello all, I'm Pine!
    I've been craving to use an old demon I created.
    The problem with him is that he only works in a particular kind of setting, so me browsing through the existing fantasy threads has been a bit exhausting as well as fruitless.
    I, personally, am fresh out of plot ideas and don't have time to do extensive planning, so I'm afraid I'm going to be a little more dependent on you in that regards than usual.
    I'm okay with joining a group that already exists or collaborating for a group role play to be under way.
    I may not have any ideas at the moment, but if you approach me with a pretty basic outline for a plot, I'd be more than happy to bounce ideas off each other and flesh it out!
    I'm good with one on ones most of the time, but for this particular role play craving, I think a group role play would be much more satisfactory.
    However, if you have an idea for how to make it work, I'm all ears.
    My writing tends to fall around the 'advanced' spectrum, so I would like for the role play to at least be close to that (yes, I'm okay with less experienced role players, but not something totally relaxed/beginner-esque).

    Now, regarding the aforementioned setting...
    The absolute ideal setting is a very low fantasy setting.
    When I say that, I mean a predominately realistic feel to it (modern, a good majority of the characters being human), but just enough fantasy to allow things like demons to exist in it.
    More than likely, a human race that is largely unaware of the existence of fantasy species, because probably a lot of them are humanoids that can hide and/or blend with the humans.
    A big part of my character is that he has a crippling addiction to pain killers, so those absolutely need to exist in the universe.

    Perhaps to clarify what I mean by all of that, I'll give a brief overview of the two role plays I ever used him for.

    First, the role play I created him for was actually a futuristic kind of post-apocalyptic role play.​
    It was in another world and it was sort of a war role play with three main divisions.​
    There was a division of humans that were building sort of steampunk technology phase going on, if memory serves (but either way, none of the fantasy creatures were supposed to live among them... and pain killers would have totally been a thing).​
    The other main division was a loosely structured kingdom of fantasy creatures (elves, dwarves and the like, while they had dragons to ride).​
    These two kingdoms were at war with each other, provoked by an alien race that was just kinda' hovering above and waiting for their chance to take over the world (neither of the characters were aware they were even there/existed because they had this giant camouflage ship), and... yeah, you get the gist.​

    The other role play was a sort of fantasy high school role play (and a lot less complex, as I have a feeling that last explanation was rather confusing).​
    It was a regular boarding school, but there were some gifted kids and demons that were a bit... socially inept, I suppose.​
    Anyway, that lead up to them being bullied growing up, and one of them basically formed an underground group to start murdering these humans... etc.​
    (Role playing roommates is RIDICULOUSLY fun, everyone should try it.)​
    Anyway, my character almost acted like an NPC with all of this going on, as he was intentionally way more powerful than all these children.​

    So, I hope that helped (maybe gave some ideas?) in the event that I wasn't very clear.
    Onto a few details of my character...
    Arasis is an ancient demon (though goes by Sarael, because anyone that knows his real name has the potential to have complete control over him) that is absolutely full of himself.
    He is cunning in his own right, but he is also very gullible when it comes to things he knows nothing about.
    Upon a human discovering his addiction to pain killers once upon a time, said human decided to take advantage of his ignorance, and to this day, he still thinks pain killers are a rare and pricey delicacy.
    Because of his dependance on this 'rare substance', he tends to form contracts with humans (mostly does assassinations, but he's really just kind of a general servant/body guard/something) to either receive the hefty amount of money required to make an exchange with his 'supplier', or to be awarded with various amounts of pain killers are every job.
    So essentially when I use Arasis, he partners up with another character under one of these contracts.
    How exciting! /shot
    He's best as a spy/assassin, as he can eat almost anything and shape shift to look like them, and he also has a few generic fire magic things going on... but I also love torturing my characters, so medial tasks "that are not an appropriate use of [his] expertise" are always fun.

    So if you have a role play in mind that sounds like something I might be able to squeeze this guy into or... something, I would love to hear!
    i'll just leave this wall of text here um
    /coughs + shimmies away from thread
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  2. Holy Mother of ... I needed the dictionary for like 65% of what you writed. My honest appreciation man...
    I love your first idea, unique I say, love it, I haven't seen one like that, as for the second one, yaaay assasination and other things.
    Well, English is no't my native language so I have small problems at understanding some words, but with a dictionary I will solve it. I tende to change the tenses... sorry here, but again, grammar check.
    I am interestested :) and if you have patience with me (I write slooo~w) I thank you from heart ♥
  3. Ah, all things considered, your English is very good!
    Sorry if my posts seem needlessly complicated. LOL

    Unfortunately, those aren't actually my ideas. :'D
    I was actually just listing off the plots of old role plays that I used Arasis in.
    The first one had details to the plot that I've long since forgotten (and how the role play itself was actually conducted most of the time is beyond me, because I never actually got to use him), and the second one...
    Well, it was by a friend that is presently on this website, so I would hate to steal her idea. ;w;
    What I was hoping to find was someone who actually had some sort of plot in mind.
    BUT if you have any ideas, know a role play with a setting he might work in, or just want to stick around to see if something of the nature comes up, I would be more than happy to write with you! 8D
  4. I don't have an idea, but one strikes my mind. Is in a rush so I don't know if might be a good one.
    How about an apocalyptic setting. Maybe with countries ready to set the world on fire, a World War maybe ? Everything is on ruins, everything falls. So to make a living you have to do jobs, dirty jobs, or your father should have a rather high position. The medicine is fighting to resist and to no't perish in ruins, so young kids are forced since 8 to turn into brilliant medics, but when they found out about a prodigy they want her. She turn 25 and runs. Bang you character in, deamon thingy with magic finger who has to kill the prodigy (top secret informations blah blah blah...) When you have the hands on a golden mine who can make you pain killers... duuuh, sounds a little sweet to have her. But the big man who hired you wants a proof, the head.
    From here I stoop. No more ideas. I just woke up so I am a little sleepy.
    Is ok, i love your writing. God bless your fine hands :) I hope to might have the change to rp with you
  5. Ah, that sounds like a pretty interesting idea ~
    Apocalypses are always fun.
    I can see it going in very interesting ways. o: !
    However, the plot seems a bit character centralized, so perhaps we could do this as a one on one?
    I'll probably work on brainstorming the details of the plot, but right now, I probably should do my homework. lol

    Ahaha, you flatter me! /swoons
    but certainly i am nothing special c:'
    If I may ask, out of curiosity, what is your first language?
  6. Yes, a 1x1 would interesting. Sorry, I tend to creat a character the moment I start thinking. Homeworks ... bluh everyone hates those things, homeworks ...
    Well I am not lucky enough to have people join a rp a make so you will have the start and you are good with words.
    Yeees you can ask. Romanian, you are a native english speacker, right? ^^
    But if you want for a group the idea is the same but things change.
  7. No no, it's all good, I really don't mind!
    I'll be able to set up the thread in... about five hours. :'D
    I can't really think of any good way for the plot to include other people, so I'll leave it as a one on one.

    The homework is fine, I've just been procrastinating. lol
    I have to read the first four books of The Iliad, so I'll technically be fine if I don't even get that done.

    Ohh, that's new.
    I've never spoken to anyone who knew Romanian, as far as I know.
    Yes, I am a native. c':
    You are certainly the better bilingual of the two of us, haha.in fact i wouldn't even consider myself that
  8. In five hours ? Woo so cool.
    For characters sheet. You want something complex ? Or just name, age, likes/dislikes, habits and a pic ?
    I am for a rather simple cs, I would love, that during the IC Thread to discover things about the character. I know is not fair since I have a vague idea of your character, but as you wish.

    I heard about the book, i heard it is interesting ;) i didnt get the opportunity to read it.
  9. Haha, at the very least, because that's when I'll be done with my classes for today.
    I concur on discovering things out about the characters through the role play.
    If you would like, we don't even have to do character sheets (though if you still want to use them, I will comply).
    All I really ask for is for whatever my character should know to be conveyed in some way (regarding her appearance and the like), if that makes sense?

    Ahaha, well, I generally enjoy books more when I'm not required to read them, but it's alright.
    Epic poems aren't exactly my favorite, but at least it's not something by, say, Charles Dickens. lol
  10. Well, I don't know what to say. I am for no Cs as well.
    Are you ok with real people are art pic ?
    Still, a freacking damn name and age is ok I guess.
    It will be a little interesting, I can't way to start >.<" oh one thing. I am not for romance as the main idea in a plot, I love how character grow during the role play. How actions, events, even people change them. Well, I am girl, hell yea I love romance, but to make a freacking sense, not from the first or second post. Maybe after things happen, a lot of things.

    Oliver Twist (not the freackiiiing song) David Copperfield, A Christmas Carol and Hard Times ;)
  11. I guess what we could do is stick to a simple cs with just like... very minimal detail.
    I'll personally be using both art and real people/photos, so it's up to you. lol

    and yes yes yes YES THANK YOU
    I definitely believe in having romance that actually makes sense.
    I usually prefer NOT to incorporate romance at all, in all honesty, unless it's horribly flawed and unhealthy because I'm a terrible person like that. lol
    Either way, I don't think that's something you'll have to worry about... not with me and certainly not with this plot. lol

    So while I work on thinking of some fancy way to set this up...
    What about other characters?
    If I'm role playing a demon, there could certainly be other humanoid species.
    Would you be interested in role playing as some of that as well or, more specifically, how would they play a part in this world?
    Like, did you have an idea for 'the big man'?
    On that note, would you want to just have minor characters to keep to yourself, or have them sort of general characters that we share to appropriately move the plot along?
    Sorry for suddenly bombarding you with these questions. xD

    If it makes you feel any better, I didn't know that was a song at all, haha.
    but yes i hated having to read great expectations and a tale of two cities
    Though, looking back... I read maybe two pages of each, so I guess that doesn't count. lol
  12. Ah, ah-!
    I also have a few more details I'd like to work out.

    As far as the setting, I'm thinking slightly futuristic... like, maybe a few decades.
    Something along the lines of 2085 sound good?
    That way the technology is sophisticated, but not too many flying cars or anything overly complex that we would need to think about.
    That also allows a certain amount of time between now and then to come up with a conflict that makes sense.
    How I envision the war is that a lot of the major countries had formed two separate alliances, and at first it was a sort of nuclear stalemate, but something triggered them to finally blow each other to bits, so... a freshly apocalyptic setting, I guess?
    Would the war still be going on, but maybe both sides are out of missiles, so it's back to guns and such?
    Or... should this even be Earth?

    I know that we talked about me starting the thread, but did you want to kick the actual role play off?
    If not, I'd like to have a better idea of 'the big man' (provided that you were solely hoping to role play him)...
    UNLESS you want to start the role play just before Arasis was hired or w/e.
    I would be okay with both Arasis approaching him because there was a bounty on her head of 'the big man' having sought him out particularly for this task (either showing up personally or having messengers).
    Going back to my prior post of wondering what role other fantasy species would play in this, if the latter is the case, then perhaps 'the big man' has SEVERAL demons or other fantasy species working under him as well (perhaps there are even more threats to be eliminated).
    I don't know how much of an idea you have for this guy, but I imagine his ambitions being along the lines of trying to take advantage of the collapsing world to come into power, so anyone able to come up with solutions for the apocalypse/go back to the way things were is a threat to his plans.

    That's all I have for the moment.
    I'll go ahead and make the thread (then pm the link to you), but since there are so many things liable to change regarding these details, it won't really be complete.
    I'm thinking that the first post will be a brief overview of the plot and setting, then our next two posts will be characters (which can later be edited if one of us comes up with more characters or w/e), then we could start the role play? lol
  13. In the name of Holy God, when you were young did you get out of your mom with a dictionary in your hands ?
    I am sorry, i didn't understood what you said, but I try to guess.
    Is ok really, I might learn new words with you. Ok, I want to be a simple human, born with the gift of remembering things fast and a photographic memory, what she sees doesn't forget. I don't know really, i have some ideas, just poor words. Humans fall, they began to lose against each other slowly turning to ashes. For other, I mean the fantasy creatures, in parallel they should make a secret organisation to which they want people dead ? Or simply to rule the world ? I mean that magic creatures to be sick of humans and be like: "Baitches is our turn to rule the planet !"
    The 'big man' will be big, somehow like Dr. Octavius ? A freacking weird guy, with expriments who wants to make the perfect human, a combination between a humanoid prodigy and a [big creature and powerful name's ] . So he calls for the best, Arasis, your sweetheart character. No, i don't have a plan for him, if you trust me this is an idea that came on the moment. As you wish, the big man being played by me or you I am ok with that.

    Haha you figured our things pretty well, really. The idea with the posts i like it.

    Edit :
    I dont know if I answered your questions, I try my best. I want others characters to be Npc, for both of us, I mean , if you want, but 'the big man' by you or me, i dont have plans for him. But how about after 'the big man' hired Arasis ? I mean, a direct jump into action ? And yes, other, small or powerless demons who should act like messagers toward your character occasionaly during the role play.
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  14. Ahhh, I'm sorry. ;w;
    I'm sure you have just as much of a vocabulary as I do in your native language, I swear I'm nothing special. xD

    Haha, read and understood.
    I was thinking that the fantasy species are largely unorganized.
    Maybe there COULD be some sort of organization like that, yeah, but a lot of them are just trying to survive like everyone else.
    I suppose it might be worth plotting out specific species that will be around.
    Demons (perhaps of varying levels in power? but we don't really have to work that out), werewolves/lycans, vampires... and maybe anything else has been kinda' hiding out in the wilderness haha.

    I'll take that plan for him.
    Okay, here's how I see it.
    Do you want to see Arasis being hired in the role play?
    If that's the case, then I would suggest you role playing 'the big man', because I'm also a little unsure of PRECISELY why he wants to go after her...
    BUT if we want to hop right in, I could role play him, more or less, and bullshit my way through those things. lol
  15. "The big man" hmm lets say ryling the world ? A cliché I know but hell yea. I want something like a comunist regim, to make, in a more fantastic way 'the new man' a powerful being, controled by the upper people, with powers. Somehow like a super human, a God controlled. Well, after many years of research and test, failures and dead kids and blah blah ... many other words. My character is the first or the one between the few who responded with succes to the tests. But runs, they want her ... blah blah.

    The first post to start the role play is how you want ;) I just give ideas, that is all.
  16. Hm... how do you feel about certain humans just with powers?
    What if 'the big man' has some degree of power of manipulation?
    It isn't perfect, but there is enough normal humans with average intelligence that he can 'persuade' people to do what he wants just by telling them to do so.
    As I see it, he's taking advantage of all the world's chaos to rise to power, so he is against the advances in medicine and any particular prodigies because they might restore things to how they were where he wasn't as big of an influence.

    Haha, alright then.
    I'll have it just before he was hired, then, haha.
    and you can role play 'the big man' or some sort of associate something something :'D
    I'll work on getting a post up, but I may not have it done today ~
    i have a lot of reading and stuff to do haha
  17. 'The big man' is mine then. Is ok really, post when you have time and finish with all the stuff.
    So i start the next post with the big bad man ? Or wait for you ?
  18. Okay, sweet.
    I'll leave that power of manipulation thing up to you, I think it's a neat idea. lol
    AND feel free to edit your post with Lili to include him in some way. nwn

    I'll go ahead and do the first post to establish a few things.
    (I'll wait to study when I'm done with classes for the day and do laundry haha.)
    wait for meeeeeee ~ haha
  19. Ok then, study study and take care ! :) I will waaiiiiiiit for yaaaaaa -fly away-

    No worries and no hurry, I have time ;)
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