PARTNER REQUEST Looking for a somewhat experienced partner.

Discussion in 'SEEKING ONE ON ONE PARTNERS' started by Red Snow, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Hello, If you couldn't tell, I am new to all of this (I only ever did rps with friends) and I would like a partner that's dedicated and will lead most of the story. I'm okay with most stories, but fantasy will always be my favorite. I'm not expecting super quick responses, because life, ain't it fuuuuun? Livin in the real- Cough* Excuse me, I left my paramore showing. One last thing you should keep in mind is that I write FxF. It's what I know and it's difficult for me to write hetorsexual relationships. Thanks, see you soon! o7
  2. I've spent years trying to lead roleplays in the past. Trying was the keyword! I have learned from my mistakes.

    Regardless, I am very new to this forum too! I'm also very adaptable when it comes to people's stories, so long as I get to play a female character I can focus on to some degree. I said *I* focus on, I don't mean I want to revolve a story around my characters. I want a story that revolves around the characters, plural!

    Feel free to read my profile to see my interests - Fantasy is something I can work with. I usually like putting a flair to fantasy though, like "technomagic" or any variation of it. Or "magic apocalypse" or something? I don't know. We can talk about the details! I have a few settings that I've played around with, though only one of them is truly fantasy. The others are a mixture of fantasy and modern, or fantasy and sci-fi, hehe.

    FxF is also fine with me. I like fluffy cute stuff, but also serious dramatic suspenseful stuff. Anyways, we should do a conversation over a PM with the details if you're interested in something!