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  1. I'm looking for a partner.

    I have a few ideas and themes that I would like to play out. Everything below can be altered.

    I want each theme to have the same elements:

    1. Romance
    2.Sexual scene
    3.Intense Drama
    6. And someone with wealth and control

    Here are my Ideas and back stories


    Vampires are strong and very old, which is why they interest me a lot. Having someone stronger and older in a supernatural sense is very exciting for me a least. However the description of the vampire character that I prefer having as a partner would have the following traits:

    1. Money, lots of it
    2. Handsome
    3. Know other languages any is a good choice.
    4. Charming

    I have painted the picture of a vampire that has everything, from money, women, and the strength and speed that would make a body builder and race car jealous. But he hasn't found love, tragically he lost his vampire bride to a human vampire hunter, and has since found love in his blood lust and solitude. Until his over concerned vampire sister brings him a journalist who is the great great great great great great great great grand daughter of the hunter who killed his vampire bride.

    This brings both characters together also his own dealing with hate he has for her families' past with vampires. But my character has no clue what he is talking about, she doesn't even believe in vampires. In this theme I play both the sister and my character. It's a really interesting and I would enjoy it a lot if the male character is played well.

    CS List

    Name : Alison LockHeart
    Nickname: Ally
    Age: 19
    Sex: Female
    Weight: 102
    Height: 5'1
    Hair color and length: Black, middle of back
    Eye color: Grey

    Personality: Alison is very strong minded, she refuses to give up to anything or anyone. She will go to the ends of the earth for a good story. She is someone that has to be in the control of the headlines so she can't ever lose. Basically, she's a fighter.

    Past (Bio) : The LockHeart family has clashed with vampires since the dawn of time. It has been passed down from off spring to off spring, the skills to kill a vampire has been passed down. Each family has maintained the deed and job to hunt and kill vampires to raid the world of the leech like characteristics. However, not everyone in the world is willing to accept their fate and duty to pass down such old ways. Alison great father had stopped the tradition of passing down the information and skills needed to kill vampires.
    Alison grew up as an only child with her mother and father in Alaska, she traveled the world after high school, and found herself a job as a traveling journalist. Her father and mother both have passed after only a year after her graduation. She has since then met a very outgoing and very interesting girl named Lillyanna.
    (Lillyanna is the male characters brother)
    Lillyanna has insisted that Alison interviews her brother for a story of the life time. Lillyanna has failed to mention however, that her brother is actually a vampire that has more years under his belt than anyone.


    Werewolves are strong and more animal than human. I like their one with nature traits.

    1. Strong
    2. Alpha male syndrome
    4. Huge in body mass

    I have this idea of a strong yet rough around the edges type of werewolf that wants to be closer to humans, though he has a bit of a pack issue. Being new age werewolves means to be hidden in plain sight. Which means that he and his pack would have to be business owners with enough money to create an open/caged in land that has imported deers and everything. My character would be one of the new neighbors in the same building as the male werewolf character. He can smell her and her wolf yarns for her, because he imprints her.
    Of course it's not easy to just tell someone that you're a werewolf and have them believe you.

    Name: Naomi Black
    age: 20
    Sex: Female
    weight: 98
    height: 5'0
    Hair and Length: Blond, waist length
    Eye color: Green

    Personality: Naomi is clumsy and overly silly, she finds joy in the most oddest of places. Her logic is slightly lost out at sea. She's full of life and outgoing, she can't be kept tied down.

    Past (Bio) : Naomi has a twin sister who has since been married. Naomi went to college for one year before becoming hired at a cafe down the block from her apartment. She had lost contact with her farther who was a fishermen at sea and has since been presumed dead. Her mother was institutionalized for believing in werewolves. Naomi found her way through life with luck and has accepted life for what it is.

    Teachers are always excited to teach their students new things, they want to pass on the knowledge they have learned during their own years down to their open minded students. I enjoy this theme because the teacher is always a fantasy, a forbidden fantasy.

    1. Handsome
    2. Smart

    I always used to wonder about my good looking high school teachers, I thought a lot about how they were outside of school. Did they drink? Were they naughty? Did they have any kinks? I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one that thought about my teachers life outside of the class rooms. So I have the idea for a theme using the student and teacher traits.

    A new teacher teaching (any class of choice) of high school seniors. He can be mysterious because the girls prefer him that way but he really is a normal guy rather. He is clean cut, well mannered, and also butler like if no one knew any better.

    This character is being made.

    Mafia Mobster

    This is just somewhat steaming from an rp I had going about two years ago but the person I was playing with went poof, I don't know if he got bored or his character was deleted or just that we don't get online at the same time anymore. Either way it is a good idea.

    1. Handsome
    2. Bad Boy attiude
    3. Boss
    4. Wealthy

    Nearly Godfather, a man that is in charge of an entire gang of hitmen, drug dealers, and everything bad for a city. I like this theme because of the control that this character has over things. I prefer that the characters met through the act of kidnapping.

    This character is being made.
  2. Hello, are you still looking for someone?
  3. Yes of course
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