Looking for a Severus Snape

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  1. I have a few ideas if you're interested in being Snape.

    Student/Mentor - This is a developed plot that I have been working on, more plot than sex. I will PM you the details.

    Student as a Slave/Master - This is more D/s relationship. This will most likely be more sex than plot, can be xxx or nightmare

    Professor/Professor - MC will be a new professor at Hogwarts, this can during the Harry Potter gen or before.
    You don't have to be super canon, you have decent grammar and spelling, and can provide at least -2 paragraph answers, than you're a good fit
  2. Do you double? If so, I'd love to write as Snape for you, if you'd return the favor and write Remus Lupin for my OC.
  3. I can definitely work with that! Remus is a favorite of mine :) Which scenario were you interested in?
  4. Well, honestly, plots 1 & 2 if we could somehow combine them?
  5. That would be great, actually! I'll send you a PM :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.