Looking for a Science Fiction RP partner

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  1. I'm currently looking for an RP partner who has read at least a little bit of some of Timothy Zahn's non-Star Wars works and who would like to set up something with that sort of underlying structure. I do not wish to RP in any of his established universes; rather, I wish to do an RP that has a theme to be uncovered, much like greed in Warhorse or fear in Angelmass, and wish to play with someone who is willing to embrace the feeling of characters being at cross purposes while pursuing the same or similar goals.

    I am asking that any partner be over the age of eighteen for purposes of violence and deep philosophical undertones, though this will not be technically a mature RP. I would like some light romance, but no smut. I am willing to play male or female characters for this and do not mind if the characters are gay, straight, etc, so long as they actually match up. I do NOT want this to be purely romance. Love is wonderful, but the underlying moral and the adventure and cross purposes should come first if we are to accomplish the feeling I'm going for.

    I want someone who has at least read Angelmass, if nothing else. If you have not, you can still talk to me and we can discuss what of Zahn's you've had exposure to.I do not want to play bizarre aliens or have characters with children in this roleplay. I do expect good grammar, posts that flow without being too embellished, paragraphs, and length flexibility.

    I enjoy playing strong, gentle men, snarky performers, sweet girls, and roguish types. I am open for ideas for the plot itself, and welcome ideas for characters my partner wishes to play. I can sometimes post many times a day, other times, you may have to wait a week. I cannot help this as I suffer from an illness that causes me pain. I would like to do this as a forum roleplay.

    If you are interested, you may respond to this thread or contact me via Private Messages. I look forward to hearing from another Zahn fan.