Looking for a sad themed Role Play

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    Also I'll take MORE THAN ONE for privates, so if you interested please answer me... ; u ;/?


    Okay I'm gonna post what I'm seeking here, not evil this time, dramatic!

    I'm seeking:

    -Modern times

    -I DON'T DO FANDOM related roleplays, I'm sorry I just don't.

    -abusive relationships (I want to be victim!)
    -self harm
    -strong drama
    -house hold
    -abusive family
    -general abuse

    Preferred Word Count: None

    Preferred Violence Content: Free for all

    Preferred Sexual Content: Nothing strong

    Preferred Level: high, advanced, I kinda am skeptic about a few beginners...

    Not Looking for: merry go lucky characters, Mary sues or characters that are childish.

    Also I dislike characters who are always right or always want to do the 'right' thing.

    A fluffy colorful roleplay, with love and butterflies and peace and cute female characters, I dislike female characters, I'm just not used to them and never will.
  2. I like the idea of an abusive relationship, and I'm fine with being the abuser (since you'd like to be the victim?). I don't know if I'm enough experienced for you though - depends on what you define as a beginner... I have done a few roleplays involving abuse, both being victim and abuser. My characters usually have plenty of depth, so no Mary Sues or "perfect" characters for me.
  3. I hate when people use my characters or predict ANYTHING of my characters, that's the things that drive me nuts, or people who rush things way too much and don't give the scene a moment. And what makes me want to kill them is to be left in the dark or unable to answer
    any other than that ...LET'S GET INTO THE TALKIN'~