Looking for a RWBY roleplay.

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  1. Rambling (open)
    So I binge watched rwby about half a month ago, and you know what? That shut was awesome! This is coming from a guy who usually dislikes rping fandoms because, well I think I'd suck at it.

    Now for the past two weeks or so, I've been brewing with character after character. I didn't like the first people I tried this with because they didn't rp well at all. So now I'm here! I sincerely hope that I can find a good partner here that wants to roleplay this awesome world

    Now that that's out of my system, I want an RP in the world of RWBY, but I suck at canons, so I want us to rp as original characters. We can play two team members each or I can play the other three. I don't mind

    Also I need romance and a lot of action. With that note, I'm a straight male pervert, any and all libertine is appreciated. That doesn't mean I don't so it though, I just would very much enjoy it if it was in the story.You gotta Be over 18 though. I like this place too much to break the rules

    What I do mind is that you should have knowledge about the RWBY universe, and that you're a good RPer. Like, at least three paragraphs.

    If you think you can help me scratch this all consuming itch, please pm me and we shall be off!
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  2. Aww I could have recommended you to my twin sister! But then again the sexual orientation may not mix well because she's not a straight girl. :P Wishing you luck in your search for a RP partner!
  3. Honestly? I don't mind not having it. Though apparently it's a thing that they don't like rping with men, period. If she's up for it I really just want to get this rp going
  4. I'll let her know and I'll reply to you as soon as she responds! :D
  5. Awesome! Thank you!
  6. Hello! If you are hoping for a libertine roleplay, shouldn't this be in the Libertine forum? :tongue:

    Would you like me to move it?
  7. No no, I don't want one, exactly. I just put it there as an option, albeit a preferred one.

    The last thing I want to do is give you people headaches though, so do as you see fit
  8. Hehe, I would think a "preferred option" would be fairly synonymous with something you want. But, no worries, I can leave this here if you prefer it, as long as you clarify the fact that you'll only roleplay a Libertine story with someone 18+. It seems like it should be obvious, but there are a surprising number of people who forget that when they read something they think is cool. :D
  9. I have many preferred options when it comes to this rp. I have a strange mentality so it all gets lost in translation, for that I apologise.

    Done and dusted. Don't worry, no pedophilia shall be committed within this rp
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  10. She said she isn't interested right now because she's got lots of work to do :(
  11. Sighhhhhhhhhh. I never have luck in these things. Thanks for trying
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