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  1. Hey there, my name is lucas or luke wichever you want to call me by. Anyway I enjoy rps just as much as every one here, but I would like to start a one on one or two or three. I want this because I enjoy one on ones more the groups only because if I am asleep and the group isn't i miss out and other stuff like that.

    So I am open to any idea, the only thing I don't like is things with heavy sexual content, some sexual content is ok, but not a lot. If you have an idea let me know and I will let you know if that sounds cool.
  2. Do you play male?Do you have any particular favorite genres of rps?Are you new to rping? And how is your posting speed and writing quality?
  3. I play male, no favorite, I am not new, posting speed is decent no more then 2 min unless I'm off, and I am not the best speller but I do try not to make that many mistakes, length can be as long as you want
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  4. I'm looking for some good rps and am in need of a male partner since I play female,so i would like to rp with you.Send me a pm and we can discuss plot ideas.
  5. I'd like to Roleplay with you, and I agree on the whole sexual content lol. I have a few ideas on plots but not many.
  6. Ok shoot, I am open to just about anything
  7. Im interested in rpomg with you if youre still looking
  8. If you're still in need, I am equally as desperate for some partners.
  9. Yeah I am. None of the others respond again so what do you have in mind
  10. I'm interested as well, if you are still looking for a partner! :)
  11. well like I said nobady goes through with it so yea I am
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