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Looking for a rp partner

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Tifa135, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Hello there~
    I would love to start some 1x1 rps~! I'm really into doing almost any kind of rp, but you can check out what I really enjoy I guess in my rp resume. I don't really have much for ideas or plots at the moment but if you would like to start something and have an amazing idea please message me here or in a pm and let me know what you would like to do~ I hope that we can start something fantastic :D

    Tifa <3
  2. I may be able to help you with that. What do you like to write about?
  3. Oh just about anything. But I do really enjoy fantasy and romance~
  4. So, we are for a romantic fantasy.... Mmmmm.... Something in mind?
  5. Oh, that sounds fantastic! I would love to RP with you, I actually have a few ideas :)

  6. I don't actually... I've been suffering from lack of ideas lately T^T... but i'll shoot for just about anything if you have something in mind?

  7. oooohhhh please do share :D