Looking for a RP partner, maybe several.

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Partner Expectations
  • Has the same interests that I do -- can be fandom, genre, doesn't really matter. I just don't want them bored with the Roleplay.
  • Is able to post often. Doesn't have to be everyday or even every two days. Posting once in a week is enough, honestly.
  • Isn't looking just for romance, but actual plot, development and story. Romance can be a subplot, of course !!
  • Has decent grammar and is willing to manage at least 2-4 sentences or a paragraph per post. Able to post more? Fabulous.
  • Is understanding in the case that I need to drop the Roleplay.

About Me
  • I'm only seventeen. This means that I will not partake in any form of sexual content. Period.
  • I'm female. I don't care about the age or gender of my partner as long as they're comfortable with me.
  • Romance is honestly my worst category. If we want to write a romance, understand that I'm just stepping into the field.
  • Speaking of romance, I write MxF, FxF and MxM. I don't generally do OC/FC x canon, but I might try it.
  • I'm comfortable with roles as male and female. I play them both about 50/50.
  • I tend to have a lot of characters when Roleplaying. Doubling is pretty much a must for me.
  • I write in the medium range - I'm very adaptable! I'll write to try match my partner's length.
  • I may be a bit slow with posting, but it will generally be a post or two a day, depending on how I feel or how busy I am.
  • I'm very patient and understanding, I'll be willing to work through any matters with you!
  • I tend to take long hiatuses and I apologize sincerely if this disrupts our RP - I have a very contorted lifestyle.
  • On a note with romance: I'm totally fine RPing romance with older users, but I understand if you aren't comfortable with it!
  • I actually love chat RPs, so if I get to know you enough, I'll be more than glad to add you on Skype && RP from there !!

Still interested? Great. Here, have a fluffy cat.
Moving on now.
If it is bold, then that means that I would really like that right now.

  • RWBY
  • Soul Eater
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Fire Emblem
  • Attack on Titan
  • Supernatural
  • South Park
  • Pokemon

  • Apocalypse and/or post-apocalypse
  • Paranormal && Supernatural
  • Psychological
  • Horror
  • Western
  • Crossover (all forms of media or two (and more) medias crossing over into one)
  • Steampunk && Fantasy
  • Misc: assassins, dinosaurs, dragons, oh my!

Scenarios && Ideas
  • Simple adventure through a fantasy, steampunk or multi-versal world. We would design it as we went.
  • RWBY and Soul Eater crossover, can be found here.
  • Group of apocalypse survivors. Can be during or after, organized or anarchistic, etc.
  • People who hunt supernatural beings.
  • Group of friends who are on a road trip together.
  • Cliche horror story.
  • Something involving angels and demons, maybe humans.

If anyone's interested, just shoot a message my way, either through this topic or via PMs.

Thanks for reading!
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