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  1. Hello pretty people :) I want to go back to roleplaying in this forum, because seriously it's one of the best structured sites for roleplaying I've ever seen. I don't want to post a wall of text, so I'll say what I'm looking for in a comfy list.

    -My favorite themes involve all kinds of fantasy except for science fiction. I've been really into vampires lately. I also love anything that is able to cast magic.

    -The vampires I like to use are created with Vampire the Masquerade's system. It's ok if you don't know the game, but if I roleplay a vampire, don't tell me my character should be able to transform into a bat, or can't cast magic because it depends on what kind of vampire from that universe I use.

    -I prefer an action filled rp than a slice of life, but it can be done too.

    -I don't like character deaths. It's fine if the rest of the universe explodes, but playable characters should stay alive until the end.

    -Romance isn't what I'm looking for, but I'm up for it if you want. It'll have to be MxM though. But if there's no romance, I'd like our characters to become close friends with time.

    -I'd like it if both of us contributed to the plot. I don't like it to be pressured into being the only one thinking up the plot.

    I hope there is someone out there willing to play with me. Cheers~
  2. I wouldn't RPing with you, I haven't played Vampire the Masquerade, but I'm fine with learning it! I'm interested in playing more of a close friendship action RPG if you're up for it. Let me know what the Vampire's are like in that game, and then we can hash out the plot if you're alright RPing with me.
  3. Vampires in vampire the masquerade are divided by sects, each sect with its respective political and religious beliefs. Each sect is divided by clans, each clans with their own stereotypical people and its own vampiric powers. But the vampire world is a mess, and you can find vampires who should be in one sect being part of the other, or having superpowers not typical of their clans.

    I'm up for a onexone rp. If you want to use a vampire, I could link you to a personality quiz, you could fill it answering as if you were your character, and the test will tell you what clan could the character be. Then I could tell you what sort of powers you could use and stuff like that. You could use other kind of character too. What do you say?
  4. That'd be awesome! Send me the link, and I'll do that. Though I'm not sure what kind of character you want me to play? I'd like to play a male, but I'm not sure what would match the character you'd be playing?

    Also just re-read my first post that was supposed to be "I wouldn't MIND Rping with you..." it sounds awful when I miss that one word.
  5. I supposed you missed that word, otherwise the rest of the message would make no sense. xD

    I'd like to play a male too, and I have many characters I could use, all of them from different clans. I'd like to know what clan are you going to be and choose something I know will be a good complement.

    I'll explain some terms you'll see in the quiz:

    Diablerie: the act of drinking another vampire's blood completely, and then keep drinking until you absorb their soul. On one end of the spectrum, you could gain all of the vampires abilites and memories. On the other end of the spectrum, the vampire's soul could take over you own soul and body.

    Sabbat: one of the vampires' sects, they don't want to live hidden from the rest of the world, they think humans are only sheeps to be devoured, and tend to pursue their objectives in brutal ways.

    Camarilla: another vampires' sect. They enforce many rules, the first and more important of them all being the Masquerade: no human should be aware of vampire's existance.

    Independant clan: clan of vampires that doesn't belong to the Camarilla nor the Sabbat.

    Here you go: http://www.selectsmart.com/FREE/select.php?client=vampire
  6. Alright I went ahead and did the quiz. The top one I got was the Toreador clan. The second one I got (for the same character) was Assamite which could be fun, if we had the two main characters be against each other in the beginning, but eventually get along really well.
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  7. These are the powers the Toreador can use:
    Toreador (open)

    Celerity: the aibility to move at superior speed. Some vampires are faster than others even with this power.

    -Heightened Senses: Raise one of your five senses to superhuman levels.
    -Aura Perception: Learn various qualities of a person from their aura.
    -The Spirit's Touch: Learn something of an object and its previous owner from its resonance.
    -(rare) Telepathy: Briefly probe someone's mind or project a telepathic message to them.
    -Psychic Projection: Free your mind to travel the world in astral form.

    -Awe: Awe is very simple. Once the vampire employs this power, those who are near him or her want to be closer to him or her. It is an immediate and intense attraction, but not so overpowering that those afflicted lose their sense of self-preservation. Danger breaks the spell of fascination, as does leaving the area. Victims will remember how they felt, though, and this will affect their reactions should they ever encounter the vampire again. Awe is extremely useful in mass communication. It does not matter what is said - the hearts of those affected will lean towards the user's opinion. The weak want to agree with the vampire; the strong-willed soon find themselves outnumbered.

    -Dread Gaze: This power engenders unbearable terror in its victims. Dread Gaze, like the legendary hypnotism of the cobra, stupefies the victim into madness, immobility or reckless flight. To use this power, the vampire merely shows the mark of Caine upon him or her - bearing claws and teeth, hissing loudly and with malice. Any vampire can do this, but students of this Discipline are more insanely terrifying than mere sight can explain.

    -Entrancement: The Kindred makes someone obsessively want to please them.

    -(rare)Summon: The Kindred compels someone to come to them immediately.

    -(rare)Majesty: The Kindred appears as a figure of absolute power and authority.

    These are the assamite's powers:

    Assamite (open)


    -Cloak of Shadows : Remain hidden so long as you do not move
    -Unseen Presence: Become invisible to others so long as you do not attract attention
    -Mask of a Thousand Faces: Change your appearance and mannerisms to mimic someone else,
    -(rare)Vanish/Fade from the Mind's Eye: Disappear right from in front of someon
    -(rare)Cloak the Gathering: Extend your Obfuscate powers to a group.

    -Silence of Death: Make the area around you completely silent
    -Scorpion's Touch: Create a contact poison that greatly debilitates a victim physically
    -Dagon's Call: Cause harm from afar to a person who you have touched within the last hour
    -Baal's Caress: Create a poison that can be coated on weapons to make them more dangerous
    -Taste of Death: Spit acidic blood at a target

  8. I think Toreador would be better for this character after looking at the powers. How many of those powers does each vampire have? One from each section?

    Also have you given any thought to a plot? Like I said I enjoy action, but I also like a lot of character development and conflict (both physical and emotional/mental). Do you want to incorporate the political machinations of the vampire world, we could have one or both characters joining a rival clan at some point. Or have one of them as part of a different clan from the beginning.
  9. Thought of some plot ideas, will post them when I get home from work.
  10. Here are four ideas I had for vampire RPs. The last one is specifically for 2 main vampires, but I think we could change any of them to fit. Please let me know if you want to do any of them, change any of them, or do none of them ;) These were just rough ideas.

    1.Dark ages/Medieval Fantasy: In times the royals and upper class had an agreement with the first vampire clan. The vampire’s helped them with their enemies, and population (whether in war or as assassins and enforcers). In exchange the vampires would be able to rule themselves and feed from the population when needed. However, in recent times the royal family has died out and been split into multiple settlements, as a consequence some vampires are being treated as pets instead of allies. Many of the upper class have been abusing their once equals and the vampires are getting sick of it. Word has come to the North that a large settlement in the south has been decimated and taken over. How will this effect the clans and rulers who still adhere to the ancient agreement? Will war come not only between human and vampire, but vampire and vampire?

    2.Medieval Fantasy: Vampire society has been split into two caste’s. A higher caste and a lower one. Those that are born in a city or into one of the higher clans are allowed to feed on the large communities of unaware humans. The lower clans are forced to feed on the few humans in the wild, the thieves and bandits, who are much more likely to fight back and understand what a vampire is. But recently there has been discord in not only the lower caste, but the higher as well. The newer vampires are realizing the unfairness of the system, why should where a vampire is born affect how far someone can go in society?

    3.Modern Fantasy – Vampires are thought to be a myth in modern society and that’s how most of them want to keep it. But a few vampires have gone rogue, they have joined with a group of extremist (Wizards, mages or something like that). The entire underground mystical world is now in danger of being discovered and over-run by the overpopulated humans. And they’ve been advancing since the stake and fire days. But is exposing this underground society a bad thing?

    4. Modern Fantasy (or Medieval if we want to set it then) – For centuries vampires have fought a magical war. Now they year is 1999 (or another year) and the war has gone underground to the black markets, and gangs all over the world. Unfortunately over the centuries the true reason for the war has been mangled and confused on both sides. In a shady alley of New York City two vampires from opposing factions will end up having to discover the true reason for the war and the terrible secrets that their leaders have kept from them.

    And most of these synopsis’ sound like movies lol. Sorry about that.
  11. About how many of those power a vampire has, it depends on how old he is. A young vampire will have three of those powers. For example, it may have the 2 first powers of presence, the first one of auspex, and no celerity. Or the levels of celerity, but no other powers. A vampire who's very old could have all those powers maxed out. And all the variations in between.

    Your 3rd plot is basically what Vampire the Masquerade is about lol And I really liked the 4th plot. I'd prefer it to be set in the modern world. I like being able to hack into computers and stuff like that, and the risk of being found out as a vampire is greater in this era, where anyone could take a photo with his cellphone of you feeding from another human.

    Sorry I didn't reply to your earlier comments, I've been really busy @_@ Do you want to discuss the details by PM?
  12. Cool! I like that, I don't like it when people make their characters too strong, so I try not to do it myself.
    Ha! No original idea left in the world :cheese::lipsrsealed: I love the idea of vampire hackers! We should totally incorporate that.
    Nah totally fine, usually I'm super busy during the day, but today was slow. Ha. Yeah let's discuss it in PMs, though I'm new to this specific site so I'm not sure I know how to do them... It's the conversation button on the profile right? :p
  13. Yup, that is. I'll start the conversation so all you have to do is reply. See ya :)
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