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  1. Okay, so I'm completely dry on RPs right now so I was wondering if anyone was up for doing a romance RP with me?
    MxM, preferably, but I'll do MxF if you like, however, I'd like to play a female if it comes to that. c:

    I'm up for basically anything but recently, I've been craving someone who can play a dominant character since in the recent RPs that I've done, I tend to be the aggressor and it's gotten kind of boring c: Other than that, your character can be anything!

    I don't really do fandoms, but I can be persuaded to do one if you really want me to.

    Here are a few pairings I'd be willing to do :
    Pairings (open)

    Kidnapper x Hostage
    Jail Guard x Prisoner
    Father x Son
    Older male x younger male
    Mangaka x Editor
    Babysitter x older brother of the kid(over 18)
    Hunter x Beast
    Stalker x famous person
    Pirate x prisoner
    Soldier x soldier
    Ghost x human
    Monster (anything from a vampire to a tentacle alien) x human


    Take me with you (open)
    Heir of a rich family X Kidnapper

    MC is the heir of a rich family, living in luxury, who seems to have everything he wants... except for happiness.
    In truth, he feels trapped more than fortunate to be in his family, for his obligations are heavier than the illusion of freedom that his parent's money can buy, and he really longs for something more, something that can make him feel alive and not as numb as he is now.
    For this reason, when YC suddenly bumps into MC's room, holding a gun to his head and threatening him that he'll be killed if he doesn't follow him, he doesn't feel fear as much as relief. For as absurd as it sounds, being captured and dragged away somewhere far and unknown by a stranger makes him feel more free than he's ever felt when he was in his house, faking smiles for guests and even for his parents, trapped behind a cold mask.
    What YC didn't expect was that his hostage may never want to go back now...

    YC needs to be a seme, and I would like for this role to be somewhat dubcon-ish. It's written as an MxM but that can change ! c: .

    Hate and Love (open)
    Hate and Love: (open)
    They are partners. At first, they hate each other--can't stand the other. Their coworkers think they are a couple; naturally, two gay men can't argue that much, be around each other constantly, and not be sleeping together. Both of them constantly argue with this image, but then one of them starts agreeing with the rumors. The hate relationship turns into one of their obsession, and the people around the obsessee keep dying.
    (I would like to play the obsessee)

    TeacherxStudent (open)
    Well, I once did something like this, the student's a new kid at the college and he's taken an instant disliking to his English teacher. The teacher gives him numerous detentions, but it doesn't seem to do anything. So the teacher takes on another tactic.

    Harrassment. Touching. Kissing. But nothing further than a few harmless touches and kisses here and there. That is, until the teacher starts to actually develop feelings for him. The student could report him, but he doesn't. He's not going to lose to him. And slowly, the two start falling for each other.

    There's just a few problems, the teacher has a fiance, they're both guys, and he also happens to be the student's father's childhood friend.

    (I'd prefer to be the student :3)

    Always Pretending (open)
    Always Pretending: (open)
    He has always pretended to be straight. He wasn't a jock or a nerd or anything particularly important, but he liked life to be simple. It would be far too bothersome to be teased, because it would interfere with his studies. So what is he supposed to do when the most popular guy in school, and also his secret crush, confesses to him in front of the whole school? What are his motives?
    (Would prefer to be the shy guy, but can be either)

    To Be Gay or Not To Be Gay (open)
    To Be Gay or Not To Be Gay: (open)
    That is the question. Two "straight" men are never left alone by women. Their parents are constantly bugging them to settle down with a nice lady, and they're harassed by women even in the workplace. They start working together (boss x employee fun!) and find out they both have the same problem. There's an easy fix--pretend they're gay, with each other. Simple, right? The problem is, the closer they become as friends, the more each of them wishes it wasn't just an act.
    (Can be switched to high school!)
  2. Hey, if your still looking for a partner i'd definately be interested! I was looking at your pairings and I like the jail guard and prisoner, the monster and human, the hunter and beast, and the pirate and prisoner.

    Those are my favourites out of them all, I like doing MxM and im really into playing the dominant character these days so im fine with that.
  3. I'll PM you :)
  4. Hello! Just recently joined the site, but I'm not new to role playing. I got pretty excited when I saw this thread; there's a character I've been dying to use recently, something of the nonhuman variety, and if you're still interested in a monster/human pairing, let me know!
  5. If you're still looking, I may have something along the lines of the "monster x human" type for you. It's more a human possessed by a demon, but I'll spare you the details unless you're interested!

    I'm interested in darker, gritty roleplays, if that means anything :D
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