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  1. I'm looking for a rp based on any of the fandoms:

    • Supernatural
    • Teen Wolf
    • Ouran High School Host Club
    • Kanamemo
    • One Direction
    • Charmed
    Post below if you're interested, and if so, which fandom and if you have any specific plot ideas in mind, because I'm really open to whatever you suggest.
  2. Hello! I would like to do the Ouran highschool host club!
  3. Great!

    I was thinking that we follow the plot of the series loosely, but with our own characters? And could I play the Haruhi-type character?
  4. That sounds like a good idea, and sure! You can play the Haruhi-type character. I'm thinking of doing a Tamaki or Honey type character.
  5. I love Honey!!

    So, do you want to do character bios first?
  6. Lol, He's so adorable! Yeah, we should definitely do the character bio's first.
  7. Should we go with Japanese names, like in anime, or just call the characters English names?
  8. I think we should do Japanese names.
  9. No problem :) So my character will be a female, and you play male? Also, could we do some Hitachiin incest? I love Hikaru and Kaoru :)
  10. Sure! We can do some Hitachiin incest as well XD!
  11. Yay!!!!!

    I just watched the episode of Ouran where the twins had a fight, and it was so adorable!!!!!

    Anyway, back to topic - I'll work on a character bio for my Haruhi-type character, and send it to you when you're ready. Do you want to play an original character as well?
  12. Sorry for the late reply! Yes, I start making my honey-type character.
  13. Alright - I'll do mine once you get yours done so I have a base for my character
  14. Full Name: Jayden ‘Yuki’ D’Angelo

    Nickname: Yuki (The customers started calling him that because of his snowy white hair.)

    Rose color: Lilac

    Age: 16

    Class: 2-A

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5 foot 2

    Ethnicity: Hispanic/European

    Nationality: Dominican-French

    Physical Appearance: Jayden possesses a babyish face and is short in height; his actual height is 5 foot 2. Jayden is a faired skinned boy with light lavender/ lilac eyes and White hair. Under his left eye is a beauty mark. His hair is shoulder length with somewhat messy bangs with many strands sticking up and few framing his face. When wears the typically Ouran High school uniform. Though when he’s not in school, Jayden wears a big black hoodie that acts as a dress for him with red striped cuffs, lining, and a red hood, on the back is a large red Skull. The outfit have teal and red accents. As well as a zipper section, two big round pockets, a big zipper with a C on it, and strings resembling a plug. Around her neck he wears a simple sky blue choker. His ice blue shoes have teal and red accents and were also worn with teal and red striped stockings underneath of the hoodie he wears a pair of dark red shorts that stops at his mid-thigh and have little black skulls on them.

    Personality: Jayden is independent, friendly, humorous, sensitive, caring and kind. He comes off as naïve and rather clueless, which is at odds with his exceptionally high marks in the school. Jayden demonstrate that he is perceptive when it comes to people’s mental and emotional state, especially in regards to his little sister Ai, as he is able to tell what kind of driving force is pushing someone.

    Short Background: The D’Angelo family is an extremely wealthy family that specializes in Technology and Military weapons. Jayden is the youngest out of four children, and is the heir to this family. His brothers, Angel, Diego, Hayden, and Damien always tell their parents that Jayden would only ruin the family name since he’s not of age and don’t really care about their family name. At an early age, Jayden was trained to break down and assemble a weapon, and how to fight.

    (( I sent this through Pm, I guess you didn't see I so I post it here.))
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  15. I did get it, but I'll do my profile in the next few days, I promise! :)
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