Looking for a roleplay~

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  1. Mm, for starters: I prefer M/M pairing but I might make an exception for M/F and F/F. Also, I like almost any kinds of genre, just not furry or incest. I'm open to any ideas but not the super cliche ones cause I wouldn't be interested. We could brainstorm together if you don't have a plot in mind ^_^
  2. Oh hi C: Ill RP M/M stuff with you if you desire, but we'll need to brainstorm a plot
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  3. Yay :D
    Definitely. What genre interest you currently? o:
  4. @senpai Any genre really :3 Also the more simpler stuff like Royalty/Commoner, Teacher/Student, Rich/Poor and what not C:
  5. Hmm..
    What about an Alien/Human? Sounds strange but I'll explain :3
  6. @senpai: Me gusta, please explain :3
  7. Mm, basically an alien from outerspace sets out for a remedy that is only on Earth, and he meets a human. Human guy isn't aware that alien guy isn't human until later on. c:
  8. @senpai

    I like :3 its not something Ive seen before
  9. Hi! I'm just gonna barge. I'm open to like anything hee :).
  10. Cool! So PM or thread? c: I prefer PM since the alert system is better.

    @ChadJ Oh, hi c:! I don't have any ideas currently but what genre do you prefer? I suck at making decisions :x
  11. @senpai Haha no problem. Stuff floating around Victorian era is fun. So is medieval of low or no fantasy (but high is fine too).
  12. Alrighty then~
    What role do you prefer?
  13. @ChadJ
    Hmm, the Victorian era sounds interesting (:
  14. We doing M/M?
  15. @senpai yes I adore Victorian!
  16. @ChadJ
    Well...I usually prefer M/M. Are you okay with that? Because if you aren't then I don't know :x I might make an exception for M/F or F/F if the plot is good and if it's best for a female role.
  17. I'm het but I honestly don't care I think it'd be a cool writing experience :).
  18. @senpai And which Eva movie is your sig from?
  19. Ive been dying to know that too but keep forgetting to ask XD