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  1. I haven't roleplayed on here before I've roleplayed on a site called quotev. But on there Orignal roleplays seem to be lost really quickly due to all of the Fandoms. Here it seems to be all about Orignal Ideas. In the sense of roleplaying I am leaving a small example of my writing below.

    In Britain there is a small town called Sharpton, this is where monsters and other myths of lore live. In the dark ages a special spell was cast to protect the town and if the spell were to ever fail only a truly powerful witch could bring back the veil that was over the town. That witch would be the savor and would be born with Raven black hair.

    At least that was the story told to Belladonna by her father. He never really elaborated on the spells that could save the town. The first time the veil started to crumble around them, they turned to the old books. Her mother was the one who saved them before. Belladonna's mother died after recasting the spell while giving birth to her younger sister. As, Belladonna tried to remember the spell that once saved the town and everyone in it she screamed in frustration. She had only been two when her mother had died and couldn't possibly remember the spell yet she was beating herself up for not knowing it. "Why is it so hard!" The sixteen year old yelled out causing objects to fly around her room. This always happened when she was upset. "I've looked and looked for the spell it's like it's been erased from the book!" This once again sent objects fly around the room.

    She was in fact her mother's daughter and she was expected to save the town because she was the only child in her family born with the same raven black hair that her mother had. Belladonna did not like the pressure what so ever and she just wanted to run away. Even her father was putting pressure on her and it was enough to make her cry. The spell seemed to have it out for her though because she could not find it anywhere in the books that were given to her to look through. Learning regular magic had been hard enough but trying to find and learn this one very important piece of magic was beginning to take it's toll on Belladonna. She was afraid that if she failed she would be shunned away from the town that she had been trying so hard to protect.

    I hope that it gives you an Idea to my writing style
  2. I don't know if you have any other requirements or anything like that, but check out my RP.

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  3. Not 100% sure if you're saying you're totally against fandom RP's or if you just wanted a bit more of a balance.

    If you're at least a bit open to fandom RP's, there is Fandomstuck which is probably a bit unique as far as fandom RP's go. Instead of being based purely on one pre-existing world, or even instead of being a mega-crossover with canon characters, Fandomstuck focuses on personifications of entire fandoms, which leaves a lot of room for creativity and really making the characters your own, all while being able to play around with existing abilities and character traits. Again, not sure if this is really the sort of thing you were looking for, but I figured I'd offer it just in case.
  4. If you wish to join in on a long term group role-play than I suggest checking out my idea below:
    Wuinderre Expanse
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