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Looking for a roleplay partner !

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by sanguineXnight, Sep 26, 2014.

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  1. I'm looking for a partner to do some roleplay with.

    A little info about me - I am quick to reply, I can play both male and female roles, I can adapt well to a writing style, I'm not that picky, I am down for just about any kind of theme - including 'mature' roleplay.

    Desired roleplay:
    (anything with a * next to it is something I /REALLY/ want)

    - Batman. (Any version)
    - Joker [x] OC *****
    - The Dark Knight. *
    - Naruto - Kakashi [x] OC. *
    - Naruto - Gaara [x] OC.
    - Naruto - Sasuke [x] OC.
    - Naruto.
    - Inuyasha - Sesshomaru.
    - Inuyasha - Koga.
    - Wolf's Rain.
    - Vampire Hunter D. *
    - Vampire Hunter D - D [x] OC *
    - Hellsing - Alucard [x] OC *
    - Escaflowne - Dilandau [x] OC *
    - Devil May Cry. Dante [x] OC *
    - Devil May Cry 3. Vergil or Dante [x] OC*
    - Legacy of Kain. (Any) Kain or Raziel [x] OC*
    - Zatch Bell! Brago [x] OC *
    - Yu Yu Hakusho.
    - Yu Yu Hakusho. Hiei [x] OC *
    - Pirates of the Caribbean.
    - The Hobbit.
    - Lord of the Rings.
    - Avengers.
    - Harry Potter.
    - The Walking Dead.
    - The Walking Dead. Daryl [x] OC *
    - Game of Thrones.
    - The Lone Ranger.
    - The Lone Ranger. John, Tonto, or Butch Cavendish [x] OC. *
    - Death Note.
    - Death Note. L Lawliet [x] OC. *

    Feel free to ask if I am interested in anything I may not have listed - I have a lot of interests. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.