Looking for a roleplay partner!

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  1. Okay I've been kinda wanting to do a demon/human love thing!
    I don't know how it should go down but yeah... xD
    I kinda want to be the girl but if you want to be a girl then we can compromise.
    If you're okay with playing two characters, One boy and one girl...then we could do that.
    I am used to playing one boy and one girl.
    So...I really don't care.
    I'm only 14 so I can't do anything in the mature... sorry! ^^'
    Thanks! :3
  2. I think I'd be interested in this, and I wouldn't mind being the girl. But would it be alright if I could just play one character?

    Also, I'm fine with playing either role, the demon or the human.
  3. can we do a repost of it if the person above has already answered?