INTEREST CHECK Looking for a Roleplay Partner! (includes RP ideas)



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As the title suggests, I'm looking for a buddy to put up with me and endure all sorts of interesting roleplay-related shenanigans we come up with. I have a lot of experience, so... I'd like someone who has a bit of the same, or at least is confident in what they're doing. Don't be shy or afraid to ask, though! I promise I'm not mean. <3

Anyway, onto the resume that I definitely did not steal from that other thread.

I Want To Play A: Boy.
Romantic Subplot: Absolutely! If I could I'd have it in all my roleplays. Romance is my crack... But only when it's handled well and isn't sloppy, e.g they get together after two days or have sex when they first meet, etc. Lazy, cheap romance disgusts me.
Orientation: Prefer M/M, or slash if you want to call it that, but not yaoi. Anime and manga are not my thing, nor will they ever be.
Preferred Genre: In general I like to focus on the characters, so most things I do have slice of life overtones. I prefer modern settings, but I'm up for just about anything period wise - historical roleplays can be fun! Especially Old Western ones. I'm very leery about scifi, but I'd try steampunk/biopunk/cyberpunk or whatever other punk you care to mention. Although, aliens are pretty cool too... Pretty much anything that feels real and even a bit gritty is relevent to my tastes.
Preferred Mood: Drama, with some comedy and maybe a little horror.
Plot Scenes/Ideas you really want to do: I really, really want to do a musician roleplay. Especially one dealing with romance. I'd love to see how it'd develop on and off stage, how they'd cope with the media badgering them, conflicts with other musicians or band members, etc... Or even have the relationship grow as one helps the other to fame. There's tons of possibilities! I'd love you forever if you'd consider roleplaying this with me, seriously.
Although... I'd also like to do a cliche 'alien abandoned on earth' scenario if the above idea just doesn't tickle your fancy... The prospect of interspecies romance is pretty interesting too.
...We could even combine both ideas together!
Will you PM people about starting an RP, or do you want them to contact YOU?: I'd prefer them to contact me, but I can do it as well.
I am Seeking A: One[x]One RP, please.
This interest me quite a lot. You had me at a musician roleplay, haha. So you are interest in a M/M would that be the same as a boy x boy ?
Either way for the musician roleplay what thoughts do you have in mind ? You as a solo musician and a romance between a fan ? Or perhaps the manager who falls in love with the musician, heck what a bout two rivaling musicians who go on tour and fall in love with each other ? There are a lot of match ups in this type of settings.

I'm up for many things I'm interested in a partner as well. Hmm, as for the cliche 'alien abandoned on earth', I would try it but I would prefer it a 'human abandoned on XXX planet' seems more interest to me.

As for the experience, how experienced would you like me to be ? How many paragraphs do you like/ prefer.
So yeah if you think I'm okay I'd like to hear you response.

M/M is the same as boy/boy, yes.
I'd prefer around a year or more if possible... I go by wordcount more than paragraphs. I tend toward about 200 words or 2 paragraphs.
And I responded to your PM, but I'm still very much open to anyone else who's interested! I'm on the ropes, and if necessary I can definitely have more than one roleplay partner.
lol sweet, you're such a dirty slut.
HOWEVER, I feel it necessary to mention that I'm a social person and like talking just as much as roleplaying. Pretty please only offer if you're not just going to badger me all the time for rp and that we can actually talk and be friends.