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  1. Hello there , beautiful people !

    I'm Katsumi Y. and am in need of a role play partner . Before anything else , I shall tell you a bit more about myself , alright ? Let's go~
    Relevant information about yours truly :
    The genres of role play I involve myself are Fantasy , Romance , Action , High School , Military , Medieval , Slice of Life , Smut and etc. I'm not a very picky person when it comes to genre , but there are definitely genres that I tend to avoid . Those are SCI-FI , Furry , Yaoi or Yuri Smut and at times , Horror . If you were to ask me what is the level of my role playing skills , I would say between adept and advanced . Other than that , I role play both female or male but I prefer sticking to female . I also prefer writing in a third-person's point of view . Good grammar , spellings and pronunciations are my strengths . The fandoms I am in consists of : Divergent , the Hunger Games (most Dystopian-themed books) , Marvel's action films , Castle , Fairy Tail and etc.

    What I expect :
    I will just go ahead and say that I do have certain requirements for a role play partner . They're not too difficult to follow , I would think :

    1. Grammar and spelling errors are to a minimum .
    I know that we're not robots and we definitely will make a mistake or two . But I don't really fancy it when I have to spend extra time trying to understand the message you're trying to get across .

    2. An active roleplayer .
    I'm not saying that you should instantly reply after I have posted a reply to a role play we are engaged in , but all I'm saying is that I prefer someone who can at least post a few times a day , or maybe even more , if life allows it .

    3. Someone I can discuss and talk things through , outside the role play .
    Alright . I know that many will be wondering what in the world do I mean by this . Let me enlighten you by saying that there are a people who I role play with that are so concentrated in roleplaying that they do not even take the time or just shrug me off when I wish to discuss the plot or development of the role play . I'm not saying we should be best friends , but at least give me the chance to ask a question or two .

    4. A reply that is at least one paragraph .
    I'm not very picky about this unless I am given a one-liner after placing much effort into writing a five-paragraphs long reply . All I expect is at least a paragraph . I am more interested in the content compared to the length .

    What I offer :
    I'm not blowing my trumpet or anything , but I will just get straight onto the point in this :

    1. Actively available
    This is completely true unless I tell you that I have plans for the day or at the most , week . Generally , I have about 10 hours or slightly less free time . So , you can expect an almost instant reply for me .

    2. No problems with any writing formats or style
    I generally send in a reply to any role play after checking for errors about twice or at least , once . So you can expect me to send in as little errors as possible . Plus , I don't mind following a specific style of typing in my replies .

    3. Well-thought out characters
    This being said , I will mention that I do spend extra time on developing my characters , and I don't even mind my partner inserting a few traits , as well .

    4. Friendliness
    Okay , everyone has this , but I usually ask my role play buddies how their day had gone or how they are and not just jump straight into roleplaying .

    5. Open to new ideas
    I am pretty open-minded when it comes to the plot of a role play and its development . So , you don't need to feel shy about anything , even if it's Smut .

    Well then , that's it for now ! I hope to hear from you ;_; . Until then , I shall await your PM or response . But feel free to PM even now ! :) Have a great day !
  2. I'm interested, please pm me for further discussion.
  3. I would be interested in roleplaying with you, that is if the position has not yet been filled. PM me and we can discuss.
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