Looking for a role play partner!!

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  1. Well, i'm new to this site, but i'll learn quickly. I've been role playing for years, and i love it. I don't do more than one paragraph, and i'm not going to change that. I will pretty much do any role play genre, but i'm going to start fandoms. These are the things i like to role play the most. To be honest, I hate romance role plays, but... i will allow the characters to flirt.

    1. How to Train Your Dragon
    2. Warriors (cats)
    3. Anime
    4. Pokemon
    5. Bands/singers
    6. Furry

    I hope i find someone to role play with me hahaha. I do love it.
  2. I'll do a number 6 RP with you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.