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  1. Hi there! My name is Daffu, and I'm looking for an rp partner (or several individual partners) to rp with whom are compatible with my style of rp. Why do I mention compatibility? Because in my honest opinion, it's essential for two people to be compatible to have a good rp! I know, I know, big words, please don't be scared off! Hear me out!

    I'm only so specific in what I'm looking for because I've noticed that 9 times out of 10, people that fill these requirements become really good rp partners (most of which I still talk, plot and play with since years ago!)!

    What I'm looking for:

    • Someone that can and WILL carry their own weight in the RP (aka, someone that won't relegate me to be the 'Aggressive' partner). Plot with me! Brainstorm with me some fun scenarios we can sort of bullshit into happening! Surprise me with your posts; make stuff actually happen in them; don't just react to my posts. Make new stuff happen in yours too, that I can react to! Don't expect me to come up with all the twists and turns in the rp. I need someone that will be able to plot and come up with scenes, ideas, etc along with me. I have found that so many people expect me to take the 'Aggressive' role of the rp and just sit back, never actually doing anything other than reacting to my posts.
      I don't mind taking the Aggressive role if you need me to, but your character being the more submissive of the duo does not mean you, as an rpger, can not control the environment around them to make things happen. It also does not mean your character can not do things on it's own.

    • Someone will be able to post around the same length I do. I hate to mention this, I really do, but I find I simply lose interest when my partner is giving me 1 line in each post, or a short 4 lined paragraph, when I've given them a lengthy post to work with. If you need time to think something up, take your time! If you find my posts uninspiring, I'm doing something wrong; Tell me! Don't just give me a 1 line post, because that's a sure-fire way to kill my motivation and thus, the rp in general.

      This should be as fun for you as it is for me, and if it isn't, we should let each other know. I think 2-4 paragraphs is a good length. I have been known for typing more when I'm really inspired but I'll be panda with that. I would rather one long post a day than twenty 2 liners.

    • I enjoy sitting down for a couple of hours and pushing out a few posts with my partner but I understand not everyone is used to that or capable of that. I would however want... 1 post a day unless you're on a trip or something? Talk to me! Tell me if you can't post, just... don't leave me hanging? I do NOT pester my rp partners - if they don't wish to post... that's their prerogative, but I likely won't be too keen on continuing if it's a likely occurrence. Vacations, irl, trips and unexpected business/etc NOT withstanding. I'm perfectly aware that real life comes first and has a nasty habit of eating up precious RP time. Just tell me in advance!

    • Someone willing to do Hetero/Straight, romance with me. Why hetero? Mostly because I seem to enjoy that over Yaoi or Yuri. It's not untold for one of my characters to turn out gay absolutely unplanned, through character development, but rpging it out, in a planned sort of way, usually makes me feel awkward - like I'm doing it wrong, so for now, I'd like to stick to Straight please.

      As far as romance goes, I do not expect this to be 'love at first sight' or anything like that; I like developing characters through rp, usually by sticking two unlikely characters into a situation where they need to stick together or need to cooperate (aka - making it so that they're forced to interact with each other) and seeing how they bounce off of one another. I can aim for romance and a romantic interest, but I'm entirely aware stuff not always works out like it's 'planned' in our minds, and that is entirely okay. After all, characters tend to have a mind all their own. In fact, sometimes I sit here, planning out/typing a post and then realizing that, shit, despite the really clever comeback I had thought out, my character simply refuses to say it, and instead, would very much rather do something else.

      That's fine; I tend to have fun when I talk to my partner and go "Just so you know, I've no idea where I'm heading with this - I'm letting the character call the shots."
      Despite that, I want to aim for romance, fluff, mild angst etc. I tend to really enjoy unresolved sexual tension because it's, in my mind, extremely amusing to watch/read for the rpgers (for the characters... not so much but oh well, they don't get a say in this). I like drama sprinkled with touches of humor (UST! Whatever!), hate turning to love, incompatible characters becoming fond of one another despite them not wanting to, denial, etc.

    • I tend to enjoy fantasy more. I like shifters, magical animals running amok, dragons, glaistigs, nixes, fae, monsters, aliens, you name it, I probably like it. I like magic bubbling underneath the surface of the world, even if people are unaware of it. I like chance encounters between humans and this magical world which are taboo or otherwise unexpected for both sides. I don't tend to default to the usual 'demon' or 'angel' or whatever - I like to go look up strange mythological species and thinking, hey, that's totally a cool idea!

      Case points: Glaistig, Adze, Nix

      I tend to have a weakness for Beauty and the Beast sort of plotlines, just as an FYI. As such, I love dragons, monsters, etc, which I know not everyone enjoys, being paired with humans. I find it interesting to watch two characters that initially thought themselves incompatible because of race issues... becoming unexpectedly fond of each other.

    • The above point does not mean I like bestiality. Many characters I play, or play with DO have an animal form, or don't look entirely human (alien, even), and that's fine - I do enjoy that, but I seem to have problems if people want to get.... into say... a wolf, and a human. Animal/human happy cuddles and hugs is fine, but the actual romance should be in a humanish (see? No need for actually looking entirely human - just humanoid) form.

    • I can, and do enjoy rpging anthros/furries as well, aside from humans. I think the only example I have handy is Damian, a reptile anthro. Still, point stands. I don't require anthro rp though, since I think he's, right now, my only rpged anthro? The rest are humans, or humans with small animal features features.

    • More when/if I think of it.

    What I'm willing to offer:

    • All the above points.

    • My friendship (I'd be happy to chat on aim too, or whatever if you want!) and eternal gratitude.

    You can check out my Roleplay resume for some rp examples and if you check Here, you can see some of my past used characters for private rp with my partners. Maybe that'll give you a sort of idea of what I tend to like to rp? It's a bit of a sausage fest at the current moment becauseeeee... people mostly ask me to play males, but I am easily able to play females too.

    Random RP idea:

    I figured I should toss out a random rp idea/scenario I've been wanting to play. If you have other ideas or would rather do something else, let me know. This is just random, I don't know.

    I would love to play out the story of a dragon whom basically only wants peace and quiet; he's tried everything to get it, from destroying towns in an attempt to scare people away, to hiding away from people. And yet... nothing seems to work.

    The blood and murder only seems to bring forth knights intent on killing him, and the hiding... well, eventually someone always finds him. It's gotten so bad that now humans have decided that to placate his blood thirst and violent nature... they need to sacrifice a virgin princess to him (he's always wondered why it's always a virgin; what do humans even take him for?). Or, well, the next best thing after a princess, as it turns out there were none available for the task. (Or maybe there were? Your call!)

    The dragon wakes up one day to find a poor, defenseless, tied up girl right there at the entrance of his den, which only sort of makes him sigh in utter frustration; this was not what he wanted. He just wanted them to leave him alone.

    After talking to the girl though, they come to an understanding. He takes her back to her homeland (which happens to be rather far away - yay quest!) and she, in turn, will relay the message the dragon wanted the humans to hear; the fact he just wants to be left the freaking hell alooooone.

    So... they journey together, and thanks to the dragon's shifting abilities... romance? And awkwardness? And humor and drama and fun times!

    Yeah. Anyhow. Not too sure if anyone is interested but I figured I'd shove the idea forward and see if there were any bites. I'm not particularly picky on which role to take - I can play the dragon or the girl, really.

    If anyone is interested, feel free to post here or ping me a pm? If you have other ideas, do so to? I'm bored and lonely *makes face*
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  2. *raises hand* I'm rather interested in rping with you, if you'll have me ^^ I'm a bit of a passive player, but I really want to work on being a more aggressive player, so if you'd be willing to watch me bumble around a bit at first, I'd love to be your partner. I'm also not particularly accustomed to playing het romance (gay guys are more my kinda thing), but I'd love to try, because I really want to try and broaden my horizons. I can generally offer up posts anywhere between 2 and 5 paragraphs in length (usually I average out around 3 or 4 paragraphs), and I can generally reply at least once a day. For these next two weeks, I may be a bit slow purely because my teachers have decided to make everything due and I have a few million auditions on various instruments, but after May 5th-ish, I should be a lot more active.

    I am in love with your dragon idea :3 Partially because it reminds me of one of my favourite books, Dealing with Dragons, and partially because draaaaggggoooooonnnsss. I'd love to take the role of the girl (I am out of practise when it comes to playing female characters, so I may bumble around a bit at first ^^;;) . So, yeah, if you're willing to roleplay with me, I'd love to be your partner!
  3. @Matthias Thank you for answering! (aaaah, interest *happy kermit flail*)

    Someone already claimed the dragon idea via pm, but I'd be more than happy to toss more ideas at you (we can carry this over to pm I guess? :D). I'd be more than delighted to hand hold you if you need it, don't worry. LET US DO THIS THING, Y/Y?
  4. I am interested in being your partner as well. :D
  5. @pooderthepirate - I juuuust closed this, because I got three people lined up! I don't think I can realistically handle 4 rps at one time n_n however, once I finish one of these, or open again to requests, I'll make sure to contact you!
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