Looking for a Private one x one RP partner!

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  1. I am currently seeking a one x one RP partner. I have done RPs for a really long time and I am a pretty decent writer. I honestly do not care the genre but I was thinking a Modern Fantasy or Modern dystopia sort of thing. If you, however, would like to do something that's absolutely fine (well, unless it is a book or game or movie I have never personally played. I enjoy creativity and as far as maturity goes - as long as it seemed logical for the characters in the situation, I am pretty open with going with the flow.

    Just drop me a line, because I am itching to start up a good role play. I have no experienced a good one in awhile, and I am craving it. On the lines of media for the role play: it's really up to you. I was sincerely hoping to wisp someone into the realm of e-mail BUT I am also more than happy to do it here or where ever.

    Thanks <3
  2. Hmm, I maybe interested :) Do you have something specific in mind by chance? Like a specific setting?
  3. Not really, but I can definitely make one if you desire. I have a few fantasy worlds that I made and I also enjoy almost all real life settings. So, I am incredibly flexible as long as there is an element and flare of uniqueness and creativity.
  4. I would be intrested in a Roleplay~ ^^
  5. Awesome, well feel free to pm me your ideas. I'm sure we can brainstorm ideas. :)