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  1. Like the title says I'm looking for a female partner to play as a princess for an idea I had a while back. It's based around romance, comedy, action, and fantasy; so magical creatures and magic will be apparent.

    I really don't have any strict rules besides the ones people usually use and any post size is fine except one-liners. Also, I mainly use anime pictures for my characters.


    If you're still around (XD) here's the plot:

    A young boy is the second born of a royal family who's domain which boarders the kingdom of where the main female character will come in. With him being second born he will never be heir to the throne and make the lives of his people better under his parent's harsh rule. His mother and father care not for their citizens and only wish to fill their pockets and drain the land of everything it has, disgusted of his family our young prince remembers a kind king he had met when he was younger. He leaves home and goes to the king to serve under him as a knight, the king remembers him when he was a young and is glad the young prince would serve under him; he agrees and the boy starts his training. That's when the female lead comes in, she is the king's daughter and heir to his throne and meets our prince and they instantly come to dislike each other because of their completely different personalities. Fast-forward a couple years to where our prince/knight is 19 and the princess is now 18.

    This where the role-play would begin. He is now one of the king's best knights even at such a young age and as a reward for his service and loyalty the king makes him a royal guard, but not for himself, the prince would be his daughter's guard to accompany her on diplomatic missions and to meet possible suitors. Until a days later, after a meeting with a possible suitor goes terribly wrong thanks to the princess, the king comes up with another idea and summons both the prince and his daughter to announce something to them... He has set up an arranged marriage between the two seeing it would bring prosperity to the kingdom so the two are faced with spending the rest for their lives with someone they're not fond off.


    Hm...you're still here huh? Alright then, if you're not interested in the idea above I'm always interested in doing Canon anime role-plays using an original character. If you're interested you can post here or PM me, I look forward to hearing your ideas.
  2. Hi, I'm interested. It sounds like it could be rather amusing.
  3. Haha, thanks. I took some inspiration from Zero no tsukaima and thought it'd be fun to do something similar. If you'd like we could also discuss about possible plot twists and arcs that could add more.

    Here's the character sheet, the only main thing with the princess is she acts a bit childish and doesn't take her duties as the heir seriously:

    Equipment/clothing(if not in appearance section):
  4. Oh darn QwQ
    I wanted to be the princess >n< *flail about*
  5. Haha. If you like, I'm fine with doing another role play with a princess.
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