Looking for a Powerful woman

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  1. I'm looking for someone to do a prisoner and captor romance with some naughtiness. Me being the prisoner. I don't mind making a new character or i can use the one i have. we can sort out the details in private chat.
  2. I might be the powerful woman you have been looking for ;3
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  3. Nice. not sure on the plot yet but we can chat about it in pm if you want?
  4. Just a note that if 'naughtiness' means sexy stuff, you need to get this moved to Libertine [A]dults

    Sorry for bugging you if I misinterpreted, but better safe than sorry, right? :)
  5. nahh its fine man and my bad. im still trying to figure out how things work on this site. So how do i get it moved?
  6. You wish for it very hard and OMG IT HAPPENED!

    On Iwaku we only do sexy RPs within our own age groups (over or under 18) to prevent folks getting in trouble, so because Roleplay Talk is all ages, ya can't advertise sexy stuff in there is all :3 any sexy RPs with explicit scenes should be posted in Libertine Roleplays or in PM where the kiddies can't see it, too

    Cheers, and happy RP-ing!
  7. Sounds good to me, just shoot me a message!