Looking for a Pokemon RP (1x1x1)

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  1. I'm looking for two other people to do a Pokemon 1x1x1 with me. It could take place in one of the existing regions or a new one of our creation. Though I have an idea for a Villain team. They are known as Team Astra their goal is to control the region by brain washing them using their scientific creation that allows mind control. Through a song called Cosmo Lullaby and through someone, a lab child they created (one of my characters). The goal of the three new trainers is like the basic Pokemon game, become Pokemon master, earn badges, compete and defeat the elite four. On top of that they must save their home region from Team Astra before all is doomed.

    Sucky plot is sucky but I think it could be fun ^^

    Anyone want to try this with me?
  2. I would like to try. ^_^
  3. One more person is all we need
  4. Can I join?
  5. If we can find one more person o.o
  6. How fast would this RP be moving? Like how many posts a day can I expect? Sorry I just hate RPs that move slowly
  7. I would love if there was several posts daily. Seeing as I have nothing to do these days and RP makes me less bored
  8. Okay I'm in, do our characters have to be challenging gyms? I would prefer to have my trainer be a collector/breeder, if not that's okay.
  9. That is fine with me ouo
  10. Okay I'm in :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.