Looking for a person to do rps regarding the following pictures/chars

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    Name: Hanae Kaguya
    Age: 14
    Rank: Genin
    Appearance: View attachment 13491
    Personality: quiet, shy BUT can be bubbly and very outgoing.
    Bio: The Kaguya clan has long been thought to be extinct. But this was found false when a baby found in a basket was found floating downstream. A farmers wife found her and soon named her Hanae, as she was as beautiful and magical as a flower. Especially since she herself was unable to have children. Hanae did not know of her heritage until she was 8, when the traits of her kekkei genkai kicked in. Though, she was not barbaric like her clan. Instead, she used her ability to help around the farm. But she knew she needed to perfect her abilities, so she asked at the age of 9 to go to ninja school. Reluctantly, her mother gave in to her demands. Now that she's graduated, she hopes to further her ability, which she has practiced in secret before school.
    Ninjitsu : kekkei genkai, mythical rose dance (able to move at high speeds, matching or even greater than roc Lee without his weights, and cutting the foe using her bone extended from her fingers)
    Weapons: her bones, standard kunai, shuriken, food pills, and smoke bombs.
    Relationship: none
    Siblings: none
    Parents: biological none, adoptive a farmer and farmers wife that aren't very important to the village other than providing rice.
    Anything Else: does have great speed. She used her ability to increase her bones density in the same sense as roc Lee. Though, she rarely makes her leg bones less dense, so she's normally as fast as lee with his weights.
  2. I forgot to mention I'll do a group. Or even split em up and do multiples.