Looking for a partner?

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  1. I have a lot of good ideas but no one to roleplay with yet. I like playing female but I can play male in a yaoi, just as long as I'm submissive (weird request but I can't dominate worth crap...). That's about it. To the ideas?


    DragonxRider (Not bestiality though)
    BakuxHuman (Baku is a dream eating creature)
    WerewolfxVampire (Will only play Werewolf here... Taken by the lovely PianoRage)
    GhostxAngel (I really want this one... I'd like to play the ghost)
    ShifterxAnything (This one can be paired with anything)
    DemonxAngel (I really only want this as a Yaoi...)
    DollxOwner (I love this idea too! If you choose any, I'd love this one...)

    And anything else you guys come up with.I'm only a novice writer so my ideas are a bit cliche... Thank you for reading and sorry if I seem a bit pushy.
  2. I like the werewolfxvampire idea and I'm fine playing vampire~ ^,..,^
  3. @PianoRage Really? Cool! Are you fine being a guy or is yuri okay?
  4. Would you be interested in a fantasy roleplay at all? I play males. I was thinking lowtown thief ( Me )x a hightown Madam.
  5. @shadow, that sounds amazing. Do you want set up the thread or shall I?
  6. I'm still learning to use this site. I'm like, ten minutes old. It'd help if you did.
  7. Alright, I'll post the OOC so we can go over characters.
  8. yuri is fine ^..^
  9. Sweet! I haven't done a yuri in a while. So dominant Vampire x (reluctantly) Submissive Werewolf?