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  1. Hello there! First, a little bit about myself. I'm a 26, nearly 27, year old male. I've been involved in Role Playing since I was 12 years old and started out in strictly wrestling related RP sites. Over the years I've branched out and now do many different types of RP. I consider myself a fairly solid writer that still has a lot to learn, but I enjoy working with people of all experience levels and learning from them and at times teaching them something as well.

    • MxF- While I do deviate from this occasionally, I typically prefer to have male on female with me playing the male.
    • Active Partners- By active, I mean a post a day to every other day. Any longer than that and I find myself losing track of what's going on and losing interest as a result.
    • Communication- If you're going to be absent for a few days, let me know. If you have an issue with where the story is going, let me know. If you just want to say hi and discuss an idea that you had for the story, let me know. I will do the same for you because I've found that the best RPs are the ones where the people involved are actively communicating on a regular basis.
    • Story Driven RPs- Don't misunderstand me, I love a good sex scene in an RP, but it has to make sense within the context of the overall story. Don't get me wrong, if I sign on for a smut story, then I expect a smut story, but if I take the time to help develop an idea for a story, I don't like to see that idea waylaid for the sake of a pointless romp in the sack.
    • Right now, I'm open to more or less anything. I've done more stories than I can possibly recount so odds are whatever you bring to me, I've done it at least once.
    • Vampire Master/Fledging Vampire
    • Assassin/Templar
    • Demon/Angel
    • Brother/Sister
    • Werewolf/Werefeline

    If anything that you see here appeals to you, send me a PM and let me know.
  2. I like the vampire master/ fledgling idea if your up for it
  3. Or the demon and angel
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.