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  1. Hi there, everybody!
    I'm new to this website, but I'm most certainly not new to roleplay itself.

    I don't like to set out rules, I feel that if you've clicked onto a thread asking for an advanced level of roleplay, you'll understand and appreciate all that I want from you as far as literacy and length of response is concerned, and I don't have any personal rules to set out.
    I don't always have the time to post daily, though I'll try my best. When I have a block of free time, I'll be online and perhaps replies can bounce back and forth a little more frequently, but please don't ask that of me 24/7.

    Now, let's move onto what I'm looking for.

    I'm looking for an abusive relationship roleplay, which stems from mental illness. Not that I'm suggesting these go hand in hand, but my character will have such an illness that causes him to be a violent person. This will a be a MxF roleplay, but I can extend to MxM if you'd really rather it. I hate to be so vague, but I hate when I read a brilliant idea and then there's just one part that halts my interest. I much prefer to give the bare bones and build upon it together, so that I know that everyone is happy. I don't wish to set out a plot, as I feel that will force us both into a mould that we feel the roleplay must melt into, and I want to be able to throw a surprise into the mix when an idea strikes me, and for you to have the opportunity to do the same. Personally, I feel that that is what roleplay is all about. I appreciate that this is a serious subject, and I want to make sure that my partner doesn't have any personal dislikes before beginning. I just don't like the thought of somebody becoming upset through something I've written, because I can really get 'nitty-gritty' when a response really spurs my attention, and gets the creative cogs in my brain spinning.

    I'm happy to roleplay on boards if your heart is set on it, but I'd personally be happier with roleplaying through private messages, as that is how I've roleplayed for a very long time, and so I've become rather accustomed to it. Plus, I'm a bit shy, really. The thought of having my writing out there for the world to judge is a bit....well, a bit frightening.

    This is what my heart is set on at the moment, I'm sorry to be so sparse in what I'm looking for.

    However, if you're looking for a fandom roleplay, then I'll happily discuss setting up a Supernatural RP with you, if you'd like. Hopefully that font and colour will get your attention as opposed to the previous few paragraphs.

    Just shoot me a PM or respond on here if you're interested in discussing things further.

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