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  1. Hmm. Alright, well I’m not the greatest summarizer, but I’ll attempt to summarize my plot idea as best I can. I’ll need a human female character for this as I’ll be playing my male character, Vexx.

    Here’s the plot:


    Vexx is the only winged elf left in the entire world. When the corrupted scientists found out about their race, they slowly killed the elves off by containing them in labs for various experimentations, all the while keeping the secret of winged elves and what they were doing away from the rest of the world. Vexx was captured when he was little and was, of course, placed in a lab, but somehow, he escaped before they could perform any other experiments on him that would kill him off like the rest of the elves. Vexx is currently being hunted down by the android lackeys that were created in the labs as well. Despite that they almost always track him down in every place, he still possesses his wings and quick wits to keep himself one step ahead of the scientists. What happens when he encounters a young lady during his ‘on-the-run’ scheme? Will she get tangled into his mess of a life when she decides to help him upon finding him injured and unconscious on the beach?

    I warned you that my summarizing skills weren’t great. XD Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you’re interested in this though. = ] I have been roleplaying for over seven years now, but I roleplay with all kinds of roleplayers, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, a professional, and so on and so forth. ^^

  2. ummm....ill try it out with you...
  3. Cool, I'll start working on the IC thread then. ^^ Would you like to include profiles in this, or just go straight into the roleplaying?
  4. Umm. we could just go to the roleplaying....im not good at profiles hahaha...but the story will let me get out more of the character. so, what kind of woman are you looking for....
  5. Alright. Hmm... I don't really have any specific requests for the female character, just that perhaps as a trait she likes to help people in general. I guess that could be an explanation as to why she decides to help him when she sees him injured and whatnot. Other than that, I don't have any other specifics so just make her up as you see fit. = )
  6. okies i can do that ^_^
  7. Alright, the IC's up. ^^ Here's the link: http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=8936

    Oh, and I'll be back on a little later to reply. I wanted to post the IC before I had to leave though.
  8. if you dont mind starting another version of this id love to. I really like the plot
  9. Same here, the plot seems like it could be fun and if you're up for another one, I'd be happy to oblige :]