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  1. I'm looking for a partner to start a RP with, and i'm kinda new to using forums or PMs since I mostly try to use Skype to do roleplay. Uh, i'm kinda hasty. My post speed really relies on how interested I am, so it can be lightning quick, and usually is. If i'm losing focus though, i'll tell you. I'm generally good about giving feedback either way.
    My style of play is really dive in. Generally no major preplotting or anything, I just like to post and see where things go. I'd prefer to use RP as a writing tool as well as for fun, in which case i'll be using my character Aven.

    I'm okay with light sexual themes and romance (male or female, it doesn't matter) and I generally accept anything so long as it's in character or so long as it fits into the setting. Typically though, I don't really get into heavy romance. I do not do "mature" or libertine rp.
    but you must be okay with the possibility of the following:

    -Violence, gore, torture, etc
    -character deaths
    -Modern fantasy/supernatural
    -Heavily disturbing themes/ Major gross factors

    I won't bug you about your writing skill so don't sweat it if you don't think you're very good, but I at least expect posts to be descriptive enough and to the point. I also don't expect you to give me any information about your characters. In fact, it's usually more interesting when you don't! Just make sure they fit in the setting and we're good.

    One last thing though, due to the nature of my character it makes it difficult for me to rp with normal, human characters. However, I do best when I am rping with characters of a shadier nature, serial murderers, thieves, assasins, hitmen, criminal goons, etc. So I prefer it if at all possible.

    Send me a PM or a reply, i'm dying to play ;o;
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  2. I have a couple characters that could fit into what you're looking for.

    A vampire sharpshooter
    A vampire werewolf hybrid assassin
    and a werewolf hitman

    all of the above are female characters by the way.
  3. I'd be interested in roleplaying with you, if you're up for another partner that is.​
  4. well christ at the moment I don't even have a partner. It seems like a struggle to get anyone to reply to anything, or get a game set up. So i'm free to discuss any ideas or the like.
  5. Oh, hah. Well, okay then.
    Might you have anything in mind or would you like for us to create characters and simply "jump-in"?​
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