Looking for a partner!

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  1. Hello there! This is my first time posting for such a request but I really do want a partner for a certain plot I've kind of been curious about:

    A man who gets involved with his favorite porn star.

    Obviously this would be MxM, one of the only things I'm really comfortable with on here.

    I usually (almost always) have played the dominant character in a relationship, but I would like a change in that for once; I would play the male porn star. Your character would be the man (we can decide on who they're going to be) almost infatuated with the porn star. I would like this to be a college age kind of thing, just so we can have more to work with. c:


    • Please, please post with correct grammar! I cannot stress this enough. Roleplaying 1x1 with someone who does not know proper grammar does bug me a bit. This doesn't mean that I don't slip up -which I do- but grammar is important to me so I can get a better feel in the roleplay.

    • I range from one-liners to multiple paragraphs when I'm given things to work with. As this is adept, I'd like to roleplay with at least one or more paragraph(s). Please also be an active roleplayer who can post every day, even if it's just a few posts. I'm very active and I would like for my partner to be as well.

    • Help me develop a plot with ideas! I'm not exactly the most creative person, so I'd love to have someone to brainstorm with me.

    Things I'd Like For This RP (As well as kinks):

    • Explicit details, thoughts of other person
    • A relationship to eventually build up
    • Light bondage (ropes, blindfolds, handcuffs)
    • Dirty talk
    • Daddy kink (perfect for a porn star, right?)
    • Spanking
    • Oral
    • Thigh-fucking
    • Foreplay (rimming, fingering, bjs and hjs)
    • Sweet, fluffy things!
    *Note: Not everything will be in this roleplay!

    Things I Do Not Like:

    • A dominant character who is downright rude, power-hungry, and stuck-up
    • Heavy BDSM
    • Certain kinks, but I'm sure we won't go to those...
    • Tentacles.

    That should be it! Feel free to comment below if you're interested! <3
  2. Pm me then! C:
  3. Bumping because previous partner is gone and I'm still looking!