Looking for a Partner



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I want to do a college age modern romance with a one-sided love between two friends with benefits. I need a female to play next to my male character. I don't want to get too explicit but I do want there to be mention of sex between the two. It can be a blackout after a couple articles of clothing comes off and/or the ending of the act before the two separate and go back to being just friends again.

The back story is, one of the characters catches the other alleviating their needs (i.e. masturbating) because barging in on each other's rooms is common between the two of them they've been friends for so long. Embarrassed, the person who barged in says "Geeze, if it was that much of a problem, why didn't you come to me?" in a joking manner. The caught person then said "Why didn't I think of that?" Thus began their strange relationship.

Right now I'm looking that they've been doing this for at least two years. One has now developed feelings for the other and can't contain it any longer. Eventually he/she decides to come clean.

I would like the female to be the one who falls in love, but it can be the other way. I'm honestly not too picky about that detail. I just have an itching to play this one out.