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  1. What I look for in a partner is creativity and the excitement to create something new and amazing, I want someone who can pull their own weight and help me instead of just thinking this is my idea.

    Now, I like many genres, but I would best prefer the fantasy genre as it is more adventurous in it's ideas.
    I've created a world that has a land (which is separated from the others) where succubi and incubi roam freely.

    Now, this could be about an expedition to that land and what occurs when they are there exploring it.
    I would prefer to play the males, and if my partner can, play the succubi and I shall play the incubi.

    So, I play the human males and the incubi, while my partner plays the human females and the succubi.

    If this idea sounds appealing to anyone please reply here or PM me.
  2. Yo, want a partner?
  3. Damn straight (or bisexual).
  4. I'm up for it. Females and dominance. Count me the fuck in.
  5. I hope you know I'm playing the males.. Incubi and human.. I'm just saying that because I know we both share a love for playing submissive males.

    *Incubi males are dominant though*
  6. Hehe I have a dom side you probably don't want to meet.
    Start us up!
  7. Heh. xD

    *Cracks fingers*

    Perhaps a small CS? You do not have to put the looks for your characters if you don't want to, but I would like for you to describe them. I can't do a roleplay without knowing the appearance of a character. Oh, and I'm going to do two or more characters.


    Just give me a second, please~
  8. How many sucubi and how many slaves,m
  9. Not really slaves at the beginning *evil grin*, but I'd say an equal amount. Two human males, two incubi for me, and two succubi, and two females?
  10. Post the thread, I'll put mine in the first post.
    ((How do I make spoilers?))
  11. Well.. uh..
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    and then
    next to it.

    And alright.
  12. I mean what's the text I type in to make it?

    Okay, okay, let me try something.

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    Didn't work.
  14. Put it in something...like our parenthesis around it?
    And is the thread almost ready?
  15. Ugh.. I can't do it.
  16. Guess What (open)
    I figured it out make the thread
  17. https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/a-lustful-expedition.50792/

    There's a crappy opening.

    Anywho, my next post will include my CS. Also, the ship captain is just a male character I added in for some away from the group fun as he just eats, drinks, and sleeps on the ship while waiting for them. A joke, sort of.

    He doesn't have to be raped, it's just going to be entertaining.
  18. So should my females (slaves) be onboard or not?
  19. They aren't slaves to the succubi and incubi yet..
  20. I'll post soon enough.
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